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Report # 39031  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, January 15, 2013.
Home owner reports strange howls and possible ongoing activity near Kiel
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YEAR: 2006-2012


MONTH: October


STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Manitowoc County

LOCATION DETAILS: North of Sheboygan/Manitowoc Co line.



OBSERVED: A couple years ago I sent you a report that my daughter and I heard a very loud series of calls that I thought could have been made by a bigfoot.

After listening to the recordings of calls from central MI I am more convinced. In my report I had trouble putting into words what it sounded like, but the recordings are nearly exact as some of the recordings.

Then this fall I was in the hospital and my wife started smoking and sitting on the porch at night for her nightly puff. She told me the coyotes were howling a lot. When I played the recording of what I heard she came from the next room and said (that's what I heard).

My sister works with my neighbor's wife, she said they have her husband and I are long time hunters, I have hunted in Canada, Alaska, Idaho, and WI where I live. Now a wolf in our area would be almost unheard of.

I don't think they live here but they may migrate through.

ALSO NOTICED: I found a stick teepee structure in Walla Hi park and a couple years ago in March I found a dead 1 1/2 year old buck. It was a fresh kill, the snow had melted, and then we had a heavy snow. Coyote tracks were there but I doubt they could bring down an adult deer with no snow on the ground.

OTHER WITNESSES: My daughter, wife and I

OTHER STORIES: The neighbor reports howls.


ENVIRONMENT: Rolling hills, as we are on the edge of the Kettle Moraine system. White pine and Black walnut plantation I planted in 1989, also Maple Oak and Hickory, native forest type.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator B.G. Martin:

In August of 2007 the witness was playing outside with his two kids just before sunset. He was making his way to the barn when he heard a howl coming from the south 100 yards away. He was struck by the volume and intensity of the howl. It was the first of 5 or 6 howls, the first howl being the closest and the rest of the howls were made as it moved along a wooded area. It made the howls as it moved over a mile and covered the distance in two minutes.

The witness remarked that a person couldn’t cover that terrain and make it through the foliage that fast. The 2nd howl was done while the subject was moving down a hill into an area 70 feet lower. The witness could tell that when the howls were made that whatever was doing it was facing him.

The witness was 46 year old at the time and has been a bow hunter for most of the 40 years. He has also hunted in Alaska and Idaho. He’s lived in the area all his life and is familiar with all the wild life in the area. He’s well versed in coyote behavior in the area and has a coyote den on his property.

The howl he heard isn’t anything he’s ever heard in all of his years of being in the outdoors. He listened to a sound file on the BFRO website from Isabella Co. Michigan (Report #32981Sound Link - 1/22/12) and told me “that’s what the howl sounded like”.

As he was playing the sound file on his computer his wife overheard it and said that’s what she heard in the summer of 2010 when she was outside having a cigarette on the porch.

He’s had several curious events around his property, and a neighbor to the southeast of him heard a howl from the woods in between the properties within the past year. He heard a howl that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. The neighbor, in his early 40s, has an extensive hunting experience. Supposedly there have been more howls heard from this neighbor and his family from this area.

The black walnut trees near his house have their walnuts but the trees away from his house hardly have any nuts. He said the squirrels will eat the nuts, but not enough, and that there’s hardly any nuts on the trees and on the ground. He noticed this when he considered selling the black walnuts and wanted to see how many walnuts he could harvest from the trees.

In 2008 he was deer hunting and two trees fell over within 30 minutes of each other. The trees were a couple of hundred yards away from him and in the same direction, in a low lying area in a cedar swamp.

Several years ago while deer hunting he was watching a tree line 300 yards away with binoculars, he saw something black move out from beside a maple tree and move back in the tree line. Ninety minutes later he saw it move out from the opposite side of the tree. The black object was 3 feet off the ground but there isn’t any wildlife that color and that size in the area.

Subsequently, he has found out there’s a black bear being reported by the DNR in the area. But the witness pointed out that a bear would have been denning up by that time.

The stick structure the witness viewed was while he was using binoculars (10x50), from 200 – 300 yards away. It was strange because it was in the back of the park where kids wouldn’t frequent. The structure was 4 – 5 feet high. The stick structure wasn’t something you’d find naturally occurring he said.

The deer that he wrote about in his report was strange because it was a couple of days old. He knows that because he walked past the area a few days before and it wasn’t there. Even though there was some snow on the ground it was giving off a strong odor. He could see that that coyotes had been scavenging off it but it was strange because the neck was broken and the lower jaw was gone. The hide was pulled up over the back and most of the deer was gone. He mentioned coyotes aren’t going to break the neck of a deer, and that if the deer got hit by a car it couldn’t have gotten to where it finally laid with a broken neck.

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