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Report # 40204  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, March 7, 2013.
Daylight sighting by a young man fishing near Whittemore
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YEAR: 2012

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: Wednesday

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Iosco County

LOCATION DETAILS: location was: Whittemore Area off of W. M-55

NEAREST TOWN: nearest city well between Tawas City and Whittemore MI


OBSERVED: My name is Michael, and I am 17. I had a Bigfoot sighting in Michigan. I was fishing one day and I was all alone because I walked up and down the river for almost a mile and a half. I was fishing and all of a sudden a huge rock hit the water like 50 feet down from me and make quite a big splash. This is in the Whittemore Area, and I looked down the river and then this big giant apelike creature looked out over the river at me and literally scared the crap out of me it had really long hairy arms and big broad shoulders and the head on this thing was way bigger than a human. The creature stood at least 11' in the air. Then it turned and started walking into the woods, but it walked toward me. it made like 5 steps and stopped. When it walked you could hear the sticks and leaves cracking under its feet. It got quiet but too quiet. Even the birds stopped chirping. It was getting scary. So I packed up my fishing gear and started walking curiously toward the trail. I was yelling into the woods and asking "Is there anybody there?" but nobody answered so I started walking down the trail. on the quarter mile back to the main road. I started walking back and then I kept getting this feeling that someone was watching me or something. I turned around and as I turned around this big giant thing jumped over this barbed wire fence and ran up the hill leaving this big stump swaying aggressively. It was up and over the hill in like 5 seconds. This thing was freaken Fast! I ran up the hill but on the other side was a big field. It was gone by then. I later bumped into my Aunt my brother and my cousin. They said that they heard something walking up by this pond then they heard a low growl and then it walked away. I really hope that you guys investigate this case because I did some research and the last sighting in Iosco county was in 1985. Was it the same Sasquatch? Please help me understand what I saw? Please?

ALSO NOTICED: There was a low growl, and a loud stick snap.

OTHER WITNESSES: No, I was the only one there.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, I did some research and found there were two sightings in Iosco. One in 1970's and another in 1985.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was around 5:30pm

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded, River, Farmland

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Don Peer:

I spoke by phone with the witness who now lives downstate. He went over the story and stated he had been walking up and down the river for quite a while, fishing as he went. The steelhead were running and this is what he was fishing for. He stated that a rock that had to be the size of a softball was thrown into the river not too far from him. He looked and shortly after he seen the animal lean out over the bank and look at him. He stated the brush was very thick along the river and all he could see was the upper part of the animal.

He stated that it leaned back in and disappeared. A minute or two he said he heard 3 very loud knocks that were so loud that he jumped. He compared them to a gun going off. He said it got totally silent with no birds or any noise except the river. He packed his equipment up and started heading back up the trail. He got to an open area with a barbed wire fence running along it. The area on the other side of the fence went uphill with a field on the other side.

He seen the animal go over the fence, causing it to sway heavily back and forth. He stated it went quickly up the hill, taking huge strides. He stood there for a moment and then ran up the hill after it trying to get a better look. He said he was out of breath when he got to the top and the animal had vanished.

He stated he was amazed it could have vanished from view across that field that quickly. He is 6 foot 3 inches and in good shape and it took him much longer to get up that hill running. He proceeded to work his way back to the trail and ran into his aunt, brother and cousin. They said they were at a pond near the top of the hill and heard something growl at them, then heard heavy footfalls leading away in the heavy woods, heading down towards where the witness was fishing.

The witness stated a couple times that he got a very strong feeling of being watched after the animal leaned out over the riverbank and while walking back to the car. He described feelings of both fear and amazement at what he seen. He was most impressed by how quickly it was able to move for how big it was. When asked if he was sure it was 11 feet tall, he stated it was at least 10 foot and he felt sure it was taller than that. He said he could see the muscles moving and described it as huge overall, especially the head. He described the face as black also but the cheeks were bare and the skin was shiny, like it was oily or something. He estimated the distance when it leaned out and looked at him at around 50 feet, possibly a little closer.

The area of the sighting is a combination of heavy forest with some farm lands. There are several rivers, creeks and small lakes in the area. Wildlife is abundant with deer, bear, coyote, bobcat and small game. The witness felt it was possibly going to the river to catch the steelhead that were running. He was overall excited about the experience but very shaken, he has not been back to the spot since.

About BFRO Investigator Don Peer:

Don Peer lives in northern Michigan and has studied the bigfoot phenomenon all his life. He has attended numerous Michigan expeditions and co-organized the 2011 Michigan BFRO expedition. He is an avid outdoorsman and works for the Michigan Department of Corrections.
Don Peer may be contacted at

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