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Report # 4096  (Class C)
Submitted by witness Wilreich on Friday, February 26, 1999.
Sighting by truck driver near Felsenthal Wildlife Refuge
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YEAR: 1980's

SEASON: Unknown

STATE: Arkansas

COUNTY: Union County

LOCATION DETAILS: Union County, Near Strong, AR

OBSERVED: Third hand story. Ten or so years ago, a lot of oil was being trucked from this remote area which is close to the Felsenthal Wildlife Refuge. This required night loading
on the outskirts of this cyprus swamp. As the story goes, one truck driver was sitting in the truck and was overcome with a strong, gamey smell. He turned on his head lights to see a large, ape like creature staring at him. It had red eyes and was of enormous size. The man panicked and drove off with the loading hose still attached spilling oil everywhere. The oil company owners were convinced that he had seen something by the circumstantial evidence. The man refused to ever do a night load again. A second individual was night loading at a later time. He was naturally somewhat spooked due to the earlier event. One night he smelled the "odor" and panicked as well doing considerable damage leaving the area. He saw nothing but was sure the smell was the creature. As to my knowledge, there has been no investigation of this area. It's quite a spooky place.

ENVIRONMENT: Outskirt of swamp. It's a dirt road in the wilderness near oxbows.

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