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Report # 417  (Class A)
Submitted by witness B.W. on Sunday, October 8, 2000.
Family's daylight encounter near Inman
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YEAR: 1993

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 15

STATE: South Carolina

COUNTY: Spartanburg County


NEAREST ROAD: 176, Ashville Hwy

OBSERVED: I live in a small town in Inman. Im 1993 my son and i had a
terrifying experience. We live in a wooded area. We were on our deck trying
out a new telescope we had just bought that day. It was a bright moon lit
night. My small dog was walking out at the edge of the woods near a patch of
blackberry bushes. She ept barking for two hours at something, so I got
concerned and walked out there to see what she was barking at. When i got
over there and to a look there was this large hairy animal croouched down in
the gully. Which i thought was a large chow dog. So i stomped my foot and
yelled at it to go away! when i did it stood up like a human on two feet it
had light gray hair and 6ft tall it had large gorilla shoulders and no neck.
a flat face it took a long time for it to turn around in slow motion then it
started running into the woods knocking down trees. making a loud noise then
westarted running too so fast i could not feel the ground it seemed. my son
is 6`4 in height and very muscular but he said he felt scared as a child. All we could
hear was screaming. My small grandchildren were out side and saw the monster
too they call it. they were screaming and crying. we grabbed the children
and pushed them inside the house. The next day we went into the woods to
check the area we saw gray hair on the trees and large footprints. My
neighbor had a large garden close to the woods with lots of squash and other
veg. When we checked further in the woods we found huge piles of squash on
the ground with large bites where it bit out of them. This thing had hair
all over its body and very strong it cracked small trees down like match
sticks. We have lots of swamps around here. people have seen lots of black
and brown bigfoot creatures near the swamps.

OTHER WITNESSES: 6 witnesses were involved. My son and I saw him up close. my daughter and her husband was a ways back from us. My grandchildren saw it also.

OTHER STORIES: yes there is one area here in the woods down bye a creek
where people go hunting say there is a cave in the swamps when they camp
out. they say they have seen blackish brown colored ones. you could hear it
screaming out and knocking down trees

TIME AND CONDITIONS: getting close to dark

ENVIRONMENT: Woods and swamps

Follow-up investigation report:

Primary BFRO Investigator: Paul Gray

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