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Report # 4187  (Class B)
Submitted by witness R. F. on Wednesday, April 24, 2002.
Runner finds large tracks near North Fork
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YEAR: 1996

SEASON: Spring


STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Lemhi County

LOCATION DETAILS: This location is about 8-10 miles south of the Lost Trail pass summit. Twin Creeks campground road turnoff and about 3 miles up the fire road that proceeds left up the mountain to overlook the North Fork of the Salmon River.

NEAREST TOWN: North Fork, Idaho


OBSERVED: My experience was with my finding "tracks". I am a runner who has a cabin and property in the Salmon River mountain area off of HWY 93 on the North Fork of the Salmon on the Hughes Creek Drainage. One of the areas I like to explore in the spring when the spring comes are the "fire roads" off of HWY 93 up into the mountains that surround the Lost Trail Pass. I decided to go up into the "Twin Creeks" area. I made my way up an unused fire road which was surfaced with a very fine dust. This dust showed my footprints distinctly, which I noticed on my way down, particularily. I went up approx. 3 miles and turned around. During my outing, I made a distinct sound with my drink bottle which, when emtied it, I filled with rocks and rattled. This is because I did not want to surprise any bears which might be in my vacinity. About 1 miles after I turned around, I had been retracing my own footprints and watching carefully so as not to fall, I realized that I had crossed a new set of tracks traversing mine diagnally across the road. THEY WERE NEW! THEY HAD BEEM CREATED SINCE I HAD PASSED GOING UP! I halted myself and assessed what I was seeing and I will never Know a feeling of such acknowledgment. I could not believe, or rather I DID believe that what I saw was beyond my comprehension. I am a college graduate and teach for a natural science school in Utah and everything that I knew did not fit what I was seeing. TWO sets of prints, one was at least 13"-14" long and 5" wide and the second set was a miniture of these. NO INSTEP, and five distinct toes at the top. The great toe was very broad. Needless to say, I ran out of there instinctually, faster than I have run in my life. When I discussed this with my local friends (family) I was met with silence and not doubt... I had never given the idea of Bigfoot a second thought and now I don't know what else to consider.

ALSO NOTICED: Apart from the tracks there were no other signs. I do not know if there was curiosity about the sounds I was making with the rocks or if we just happened to intersect. NO ONE ever goes that far up these road in the early spring, (accept me...)

OTHER WITNESSES: Not at the location, but I spoke the the local Fish and Game man the next morning, as soon as I could get ahold of him. It had rained considerably that night so we did not try to revisit the site.

OTHER STORIES: I have not, however, when I spoke to my neighbors about it I had the feeling that this was not a "big surprise". There was belief and fear...?

TIME AND CONDITIONS: This occurred at miday and it was in intermitent cloudiness.

ENVIRONMENT: This is a very heavily forested area and very steep. It is covered with tall timber and somewhat dense undergrowth. It is virtually inaccessable accept by these "fire roads".

Follow-up investigation report:

Area of track sighting is on Salmon NF Forest Road #449. Area has a 45 degree plus slope above and below road. Area has lodgepole, fir and spruce in 2nd or 3rd cut forest. High level of moisture evident in the area supporting thick air plants on most of trees. Evidence of a number of local berry plants in general area. Elevation is at approx. 5597 at site per an E-trex GPS system by Garmin. Dirt road has had deep powdery dust conditions suitable for tracks that witness reported. Dust runs from a light tan color to a chalky light gray. US Route 93 is partially visable through thick foilage at about 400' to 500' below site. North Fork of the Salmon River is not visable from track site.

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