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Report # 42408  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, October 31, 2013.
Elk Hunter recalls observing what he thought was another hunter near Lake Quinault
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YEAR: 1982


MONTH: November

DATE: 15

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Jefferson County

NEAREST TOWN: Lake Quinault


OBSERVED: I was hunting late Elk (doe) up in the Olympic National Forest in late Oct or early Nov. I was hunting alone on an old logging road I'd picked because it went into the mountains the farthest. Due to my job (ARMY), I arrived late, just before sundown just as a couple were hauling up the last piece of an elk doe his wife had shot that morning. He was still cussing her because she watched it cross the road in front of her and waited until it got to the bottom of the ravine before shooting it. Well they left and I spent the night in my truck. All night it snowed lightly, which is great for tracking. I was parked at the end of NFR 2433, I arose before dawn and just stayed in the back of the truck, I had a clear view down the road for about half a mile. I hadn't seen anything all AM when suddenly I saw what I thought was another hunter step out into the open on a curve in the road about 1000' away. He/it looked at me, walked to the edge of the road overlooking a 500' drop to the valley floor & it just froze there, it looked like it was scanning for game. All I could see besides its outline was its head occasionally scanning.
What struck me odd about him at first was no sign of a rifle, he was all black, and very big, even at the distance we were apart. There being know one else around I figured he'd walk over to me & BS for a while, but he just stood there motionless for a couple of hours! I was starting to creep me out the more I watched him, because I started noticing little things like I could see no signs of a weapon, no bright orange hunting colors or anything that I could differentiate as clothing. I consider it inappropriate to point a high powered rifle w/scope at someone, so I never scoped it out.
As there was nothing else to see, I watched him for several hours, and seemingly he never moved! Finally he took one giant step over the edge going down into the canyon. Its this move that caught my eye, I figured he was going to just sit on a boulder down there. At this time I still thought it was another hunter. I figured what the hell, I'll offer him a cup of coffee so I walked slowly down there. When I got to where he went over the edge, there was nothing there. That is when the hair stood up on the back of my neck & I started looking for tracks. The corner he had been was in the sun & all the snow had melted, but only a few yards away, to the south the road was still in the shade, NOT ONE SINGLE TRACK!! That meant it could only have come out of the deep woods as there was still an unbroken blanket of snow further down the road. The only way he could have got there was down the mountain. And that meant it wasn't a man.
This really creeped me out, I very cautiously crept back to my truck & left the area. Never went back.
I now know what I saw was a Squatch, not a man. I wonder to this day if the smell of the slaughtered elk doe from the day before may have attracted him.


ENVIRONMENT: Pine Forest, steep mountain

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Ghee Bouche':

I spoke with Wayne and he recounted the experience of the sighting he had. His view up the road gave him a clear 1/4 mile line of sight. At the time he witnessed the figure come out of the forest to the road, he had his rifle on his back and was near his truck. What he thought was a hunter at the time, looked in his direction for a period of 10 seconds and then turned and began to scan over the territory below him. Wayne watched it with his bare eyes and decided not to point his rifle at it for a period of 1-2 hours.

The subject then swung its body off its left foot and took one step off the edge of the road to the rocks and slope going down toward the valley below and was out of sight.

Wayne then went to the location where he had seen the subject and found no tracks on the road and no sign of the individual. The hill side it went down was at a 60-80 degree angle with boulders and trees. Wayne noted that there was a elk gut pile down below from the kill that the couple had made that morning.

After finding that the individual went down such a steep hillside with no apparent signs of having gone down the slope, he drew his 44 magnum and slowly returned to his truck and then left.

About BFRO Investigator Ghee Bouche':

An avid back country hiker and outdoors man, Ghee Bouche' has experienced Sasquatch behavior and worked with expeditions in the northwest to collect data on this species for their future protection and increased cultural awareness. He is the author of "The Night Tribe" and co-lead in the 2013 BFRO expedition of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.

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