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Report # 42939  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, November 22, 2013.
Late afternoon sighting by a bow hunter in his tree stand south of Clanton
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YEAR: 2013


MONTH: October

STATE: Alabama

COUNTY: Chilton County

LOCATION DETAILS: About 15 miles south of Clanton


OBSERVED: I was bow hunting near my grandfather's house. Early that afternoon around maybe 1:30 I slipped back into a remote section of woods about 1/4 of a mile from the road where I had hung my stand a few days before. After I got there, I didn't see anything other than a couple of squirrels and an opossum. Right as it was starting to get dark I heard something coming through the woods and I thought it was a deer. Once it got to the small clearing that I was in, I saw that is was a bigfoot. It looked like it might have been about 7 foot but it could have been more or less. I think that it was a female because it wasn't extremely broad or blocky looking and it also had visible breasts. It had reddish brown hair. After it passed through the clearing I climbed down from the tree and got out of there as quickly as I could.



OTHER STORIES: I have heard stories of people seeing bigfoots in the area but I don't know any details.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was a clear evening and I had good light.

ENVIRONMENT: I was in a hardwood forest about 80 yards away from a small creek.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Michael Brumfield :

This was a 16 year old witness, a very credible deer hunter. TB had been hunting a different area, but was having no luck. TB decided to try an area where he had captured deer on his game cams. The terrain is very steep hills and valleys in north central Alabama. Down on one of these valleys lays a deep, wide creek that has a shallow, wide spot where the deer can cross without swimming.

TB arrived at this spot about 2:30 in the afternoon. He placed his stand high in the tree about 100 yds. from the deer crossing. His stand is roughly 60 yds. from the creek at its closest point. As the sun begins to fade around 4- deer come to the brush and tree line to feed.

TB heard something moving through the brush at 4:30, TB notices the lack of deer movement. This is the time of day the deer should be coming out. As it approached, crossing the last few rays of sunlight, TB could see something too dark to be a deer. Stepping into his shooting corridor was a 6-7 foot tall beast with brown hair and red tint. The creature was of slender build, with heavily defined upper leg and calf muscles. The creature appeared to be female as breasts swung with each stride. The face was covered in hair, small ears and very large eyes; it walked purposely with a relaxed stride swinging the arms. The arms hung down around ľ the length of the legs. Being high in the tree stand with camouflage and upwind the female didnít seem to notice TB at all. The being was coming from deep woods with limestone outcroppings. The witness was completely frightened as soon enough time had passed, TB left his stand and an arrow to head out of the woods.

About BFRO Investigator Michael Brumfield :

Mike has worked 15 years as a quality control lab technician. Has attended many private investigations, BFRO Georgia 2011, Alabama 2013, NW Florida 2013 and 2014,2015. He has been interested in the Bigfoot subject since he was a kid. Spent time as a docent at the Gulf Breeze Zoo. Avid outdoorsman, spent most of his life in the woods and has hiked parts of the Appalachian Trail.
Mike helped organize the Alabama 2013, NW Florida 2015 public expedition.

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