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Report # 4466  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, June 5, 2002.
Night sighting near Columbus with vocalization heard.
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YEAR: 2001

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 15 April, 01

STATE: Indiana

COUNTY: Bartholomew County



NEAREST ROAD: State road 46

OBSERVED: I was 18 and a senior at Columbus East High school at the time this occured. There is a park directly across the street from my house. It was a warm spring night. I was doing a report for school and it was getting rather late and I was the only person still up at the time. I was, to my best guess, 1:30 AM. I had just broken my last pencil and I needed another one to finish my report. I had to go outside to my car to get one. I had just shut the door to my truck to go back inside when i hear the most God-awful schrill scream in my life. I turned around quickly and could make out the vague outline of a large man-like creature running throught the park and back into the woods. The scream lasted for about six seconds. Needless to say I high tailed it back into the house. I told my parents in the morning and they said that they had hear nothing and that I all I hear was a cat. The next day I pulled up a bigfoot website and listened to some wav files and the sounds that I heard were identical to what I had hear the previous night.

ALSO NOTICED: As I went out to get my pencil from my car I noticed that it was increadilby silent, no bugs or any type of noise. I quickly dismissed it as nothing.


OTHER STORIES: no, none what so ever.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: This occured at 1:30 in the morning. Across the street from my house there is one street light for illumination. The moon was very bright that night I do remember. When I saw was outlined by the moons natural light.

ENVIRONMENT: There is a large plain the extends for app. 200 yards. There is then a narrow tree line(25 yeards)and after that you cross into my neighborhood. Once in my neighbor hood you come to a small lake surrouned on all sides by trees except for the east side. This opens up into the park. The park is maybe 200 yards long then the woods begins again. I could see the creature monving away from the lake and running back to the woods.

Follow-up investigation report:

Some considerations regarding this report and its location, along with additional information provided by the witness during the interview, are shown below.

The general location for this report is east of some active locations in Brown County, Indiana. In addition, it lies close to a possible corridor of travel, namely, a stream that runs north - south.

The estimation of the witness regarding the proximity of the target species when it vocalized near him was approximately 50-60 yards. When he saw the figure he didn't have much viewing time, and it was outlined or backlit from the moonlight. However, he offered the following observations.

The witness feels that the figure was approximately seven feet in height. His view was from approximately 100 yards, but it is worth mentioning that the observer was a high school athlete familiar with the sizes of competitors at various distances.

Regarding what he saw, he stated that it was very broad. There was muscularity; he could see that the area of the trapezius muscle was huge. He thought it was similar to an NFL linebacker but with a medium, not heavy, build. He guessed a weight of perhaps 450 pounds.

In addition, except for its vocalization (which best matched the Ohio and Washington wav files), it was very silent.

Finally, he thought he had it in view for around two to three seconds, long enough to see open hands and the general coloration (cinnamon brown). The hair on it looked uniform in length. He also noted a dome-like head between the shoulders.

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