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Report # 4542  (Class B)
Submitted by Randy Kirk Hutchings on Wednesday, April 22, 1998.
Two hunters witness a 7 foot tall creature walk across an old logging trail
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YEAR: 1992


STATE: Tennessee

COUNTY: Cannon County


OBSERVED: As two witnesses were hunting, they became aware of something noisily making its way through some brush about 50 yards away. Thinking it too large to be a deer, both witnesses simultaneously viewed from their tree stands a large, hairy, 7 ft. tall creature walking across an old logging trail (this only totally clear area near them) before they could do anything. The creature suddenly tore through the forest away from the hunters. (The witnesses believe that it possibly smelled them and became spooked.) It was too dark by the time the witnesses got out of their tree stands to find any footprints, but they did observe damaged undergrowth.

ALSO NOTICED: One of the witnesses told me that later that week, he returned to the property and talked to the owner of the property about what he saw. He said he was astonished when the owner told him that not only had he (the witness) seen the creature, but so had another. (a woman)

OTHER STORIES: He said he was astonished when the owner told him that not only had he witness seen the creature, but so had another (a woman) as she sat in her car, broken down on the road near that area. I have not been able to verify this report, so I do not know if it is true.

ENVIRONMENT: Thickly forested. I was told that it took the witnesses two hours to walk from where they parked their truck to the site.

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