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Report # 455  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Larry C. on Saturday, October 14, 2000.
Squaw Lake fisherman followed. Unrecognized stench, knocking, and high pitch howl heard while fishing along lake shore
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YEAR: 1998

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Klamath County

LOCATION DETAILS: Forest road 3661 turns north off Highway 140 just west of turn-off to 'The Lake of the Woods'. It is 6 miles to Fourmile Lake on 3661, which ends at the campgrounds. This is where the Sky Lakes Trail starts and Squaw Lake is approx. 3 miles from this trailhead.

NEAREST TOWN: Klamath Falls

NEAREST ROAD: Forest road 3661 off Hwy 140

OBSERVED: In August of 1998, I hiked into the Sky Lake Wilderness to Squaw Lake to fish. Squaw Lake is located in dense alpine forest approx. southeast of the upper end of Fourmile Lake and reached by trail 3 miles from the Fourmile Lake campground. When I reached the lake, mosquitoes were so bad that I made my way to the Lake shore where an on-shore wind kept most of them away from me . At the shore I fished for awhile when the wind briefly changed direction, blowing off shore.

As the wind changed I noticed a very foul smell. I remember thinking that there must be something dead in the willow thicket about 10' on the otherside of the trail from where I was standing on the lake shore. This smell was followed shortly by a sound like something hitting a tree with a large rock or branch. This was followed awhile later by what I passed off as a bird, but it was not like a sound made by a bird, more like a high pitched howling. This sound was like the screem recorded in Ohio that the BFRO has on your website and gives me chills every time I replay it. This screem was followed by the tree pounding sound again.

By this time I was becoming very unnerved and had an increasingly overwhelming feeling of being watched and I did not want to find out what it was, so I gathered up my courage made my way through the mosquitoes back to the trail,returned to the trail-head and left the area.

ALSO NOTICED: Returning on the trail I noted a Pine tree with 2 fresh broken branches about 10' above the ground. The branches where still partially attached and it was right next to the trail. I had not noticed them when I passed before.

OTHER WITNESSES: one, myself while hiking, fishing


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early afternoon, clear, warm in the 80's.Thick forested area near high mountain lake

ENVIRONMENT: Dense alpine forest surounding lake. northeast of Mt. McLoughlin, southwest of upper end of Fourmile Lake.

A & G References: page 21 A6

Follow-up investigation report:

Talked with Larry C. for several minutes about the Sky Lakes Wilderness area near Squaw Lake. This area appears to be prime habitat for sasquatch and is probably part of the home range for a family group. Larry C. is interested to follow-up on his experience in the Squaw Lake area.

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