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Report # 4624  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, July 8, 2002.
Two teens find prints in the snow near Kimper
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YEAR: early90s

SEASON: Winter

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Pike County

LOCATION DETAILS: Vicinity of a place called Kimper.



OBSERVED: In the early 90's growing up in eastern ky my step-brother and I used to adventure into the hills behind my house on an almost weekly basis, we came across many strange and eerie places in these hills but on this particular winter mid-morning I remember very vividly we were wanting to top the hill which is a very long hike or it was as early teens. Anyway I remember we came along a level area about midway maybe a little more and there was snow on the ground. We came across footprints very large but they stopped after a short distance. These footprints were not those of shoes, just feet. I remember getting scared and we returned home. IF ONLY I HAD LOOKED UP, I WILL ALWAYS WONDER IF IT WAS ABOVE US IN THE TREES.

OTHER STORIES: yes from various old timers who are now deceased but there are stories of strange noises and animals that shouldn't be in eastern ky

TIME AND CONDITIONS: mid morning I want to say around 1030 1100 am, lighting was excellent and there was snow on the ground

ENVIRONMENT: The environment consists of lots of trees, steep terrain at times, natural streams, shelter from weather almost cave like in spots, open coal mines that have been non operative for many many years.

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