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Report # 47267  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, December 8, 2014.
Motorists observe a tall white/grey biped and red eyes north of Hays
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YEAR: 2014


MONTH: November

DATE: 14

STATE: Kansas

COUNTY: Rooks County


NEAREST ROAD: 10 Road & BB Road

OBSERVED: First off, I live in Rooks county and I always take county roads to Hays because it is so much quicker than taking the highway. One evening after grocery shopping with my wife and brother in Hays, we were on our way home, on the 10 road about two and a quarter miles North of the county line road. My wife couldn't take her eyes off of two red eyes staring at us through some trees off to the West of the road. My brother and I both saw something that could had been either white or light grey walking perpendicular across the road with taking only two steps. After we encountered this, I stopped my vehicle, in the road to only our surprise, on the East side of the road were another set of red eyes looking right at us. The problem is, the eyes we saw were at least 8 to 9 feet off the ground. We don't have bears out here, so we know for certain it could had been no way shape or form a bear.


OTHER STORIES: I've been told of a sighting in and around the Saline Valley area between Hays and Plainville.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Clear and it was 7pm when we saw all of this.

ENVIRONMENT: trees and river

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Carter Buschardt:

I spoke to this very, down to earth country man. They were traveling north, about 30-35 mph. The eyeglow first noticed was about 20 yards away on the west side of the road. It was fixed and did not appear to blink. Eyes, or "whatever was glowing" were huge. Considerably larger than if a man, or something with similar sized eyes, were standing there. They were 8-9 feet off the ground, almost as if "suspended", because there was no obvious owner of the eyes to be seen. The white/grey creature they saw cross the road in 2 steps, (could have been three but no more) was also 8-9 foot tall, arms were swinging in "tandem" with the legs, ears were small and more human-like,and was in no hurry at all. The creature crossed the two-lane road, and they turned back around to see if the eyeglow was still there. It wasn't. And when they turned back to see where the creature disappeared to, they saw the "other set of eyes, eyeglow" at the point where they figured the creature disappeared to.

I consider this witness reliable, honest, and with nothing to gain. I have had three other published reports in Kansas of white or very light grey creatures in the Wichita & Pratt Kansas areas.

About BFRO Investigator Carter Buschardt:

Carter is originally from Texas & moved to Missouri in 1988. Professional drummer for 20 years. Improv & sketch comic and writer for 5 years. Lighting technician for major touring groups for several years. Experienced outdoorsman and was a trained investigator for MUFON. Studied Herpetology in college. Longtime special interest in Sasquatch long term habituation, burial research, infra sound, language & stick structures. He led three Missouri BFRO Public Expeditions:, 2012 & 2013 & 2014. Led public expedition for BFRO in Illinois in 2019.Participated in Iowa, 2012 Illinois. Michigan 2016. Private Expeditions: Illinois 2011, 2012, 2013. Missouri 2011, 2012 (3) 2013(2) 2014. Iowa 2012, 2014 & 2015. Consulted on two Animal Planet Finding Bigfoot TV shows. Expedition leader in Missouri 2013 (1) & 2014 (2) & Illinois Expedition 2019 (1). Led night ops on numerous BFRO expeditions. Hosted a public Town Hall meeting in Missouri in 2017.

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