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Report # 4846  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, August 25, 2002.
Boy has two encounters at eastern edge of Coast Range
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YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 24

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Benton County

LOCATION DETAILS: Where I saw this thing was on the outside of Philomath when you're leaving and there's a road to King's Valley. You take that right and on that road take another right and down that road there's an old abandoned mill and beside that there's a pond and a path. If you take the path, you will see that there are little areas of connecting streams that run off the pond. I saw it drinking out of one of them.



OBSERVED: What I saw was a thing about 6 foot tall, all black and short hair, its body was skinny and its forearms were bigger than its biceps. It was leaning over, drinking out of a stream by the path I was walking on. It had to be very strong because wen I came walking by, it stood up on two legs very fast and grabbed on to the tree behind it to help it up the hill. This thing I saw almost looked like a monkey except way too tall to be a monkey and also way to skinny to be a bear and too fast.

ALSO NOTICED: The thing was very fast and strong and all pitch black.

OTHER WITNESSES: No, just me my parents were fishing in the little pond and I did'nt want to, so I went on a walk.

OTHER STORIES: I'm the only one around here who I know of has seen them.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was about 2pm and a sunny day but where I was it was kind of shaded by all the willows which were growing around the pond which were also growing around the path.

ENVIRONMENT: It was muddy but dried up; lots of twigs and willow trees; the path turned a bunch of different ways and there are lots of little streams.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Dr. Wolf H. Fahrenbach:

The witness added to this report that the animal virtually "bulleted " up the hill, as it grasped a tree to propel itself along.

He described a second encounter that he had after the above one. He was building a tree fort in the forest about a quarter mile from his house in Wren, about 5 miles west of Philomath. He had been hammering at the structure for some time when he slipped and fell off the fort into shrubbery underneath it. As he righted himself, he found himself being watched by a sasquatch, about 12' away. He described the creature as being about his own height (5' 7"), but with very wide shoulders reminiscent of those of a football player with shoulder pads, long arms with hands that reached below the kneecaps, and forearms that were more heavily muscled than the upper arms. It was black and shiny overall, apparently wet (the area abounds in swamps) and its hair obscured its face. After a momentary glance, it turned and left. The description suggests that he was observing the same individual on these two occasions.

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