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Report # 4945  (Class B)
Submitted by witness G. B. on Tuesday, September 17, 2002.
Fishermen hear screams on Moose Lake
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YEAR: 1993


MONTH: September


STATE: Minnesota

COUNTY: Itasca County

LOCATION DETAILS: the lake is in the chippawa national forest

NEAREST TOWN: northome mn

NEAREST ROAD: itasca ct road 24

OBSERVED: myself and 2 friends were fishing from a boat on moose lake mn. in sept of 1993 we were roughly 100 ft offshore when we passed a small point of land sticking out into the that time we heard a loud screaming noise come from the treeline just past the point.we were stunned by the volume and tone of the seemed like we had disturbed something when it had come down to drink at the lake.after hearing the scream,we heard the sound of branchs breaking and what i thought were bipedal footsteps it made a different sound then say a deer crashing thru the woods to get away.the 1st thing i thought was 'so that what a banshee scream sounds like'.it sounded almost like a woman screaming.the shore/beach where we heard this is about 20 ft deep then gos uphill rather steeply.after we heard the sound of it running away to the top of the hill it screamed again!! i had always heard about the hair on the back of your neck standing up,well mine sure did! one of my friends thought it sounded like a bird. i asked him did you ever hear a bird break branchs like that?we then proceded to the lanch ramp and left in a hurry! i have heard and seen about every kind of animal in north america but i never heard anything like this.i guess i should note we saw nothing just heard this scream. thank you


OTHER WITNESSES: 3 including myself trolling for fish, sitting quietly which was unusal for us normaly we are talking loudly and laughing like idiots

OTHER STORIES: only after many years later i had never heard of a bigfoot anywhere but in the northwest at the time a bigfoot did not enter my mind untill i read some reports on your website. the bipedal sound as it ran/walked away is what threw me

TIME AND CONDITIONS: dusk,clear weather still light out at the time

ENVIRONMENT: long narrow lake,west side leads out into flat farmland the east side has a high ridge dropping down to the shore. part of chippawa forest

Follow-up investigation report:

This takes place in mid September of 1993 on Moose Lake of Itasca Co. in the Chippewa Forest. This lake is desolate and deserted except for a boat ramp and another man's cabin, on the northeast side of the lake. It was almost dusk, and G.B., and two other friends were 20-30 feet from shore. They rounded a 10-15 protruding point, half the distance to the south end of the lake to the boat ramp, when they heard a low, growling sound that would increase to a shriek. Then G.B. and his companions heard a "crunch, crunch, crunch" sound through the woods and up a steep bank, thirty feet up, preceded by another vocalization just like the first. The interval between the two howls was between five and ten seconds. The sound of the vocalization had a deep reverberating quality, as well. The end of the lake where these cries were heard is trailess.

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