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Report # 4961  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Scott McCaslin on Monday, March 9, 1998.
Nightime sighting on SR 78 near Woodsfield
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YEAR: 1994

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February


COUNTY: Monroe County

LOCATION DETAILS: On SR 78 just inside the East end of Woodsfield, Ohio, Monroe County.

NEAREST TOWN: Woodsfield


OBSERVED: A large creature walking across the road. Color seemed to be medium to dark gray. We were about 200 yard from subject and thought at first it may have been a stranded motorist. Until we realized that we could see the top of the creature's head above a 8 foot tall road sign. We also found very large 3 toed tracks in the snow. The gate of the tracks seemed to be about 8 to 9 feet apart.

ALSO NOTICED: We saw the creatures tracks in the snow and were surprise at the shape and size.

OTHER WITNESSES: We were riding around. More or less just fooling around in the snow. We had just pasted the spot where we saw the creature cross the road minutes before without seeing anything.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Mid/Late Febuary 1994. It was about 10:00pm on a week night. It was snowing.

ENVIRONMENT: The Place this occurred is just inside the city limits of Woodsfield, Ohio. The town is very small, but the sighting did occur with in a few hundred feet of houses. It had been and was snowing very heavily that night. The creatures tracks came down off of a very steep embankment and then continued across SR 78. We later found out that on the bank there is a natural spring that flows year round. South Eastern Ohio is a very hilly place. Very much like the whole of West Virginia.

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