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Report # 49621  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, August 26, 2015.
Teen recounts possible encounter while walking in a Lansing city park
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YEAR: 2015

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Ingham County

LOCATION DETAILS: It happened in Bancroft park in Lansing



ALSO NOTICED: After I saw the creature, I came across a supposed park ranger and his dog which was weird because I didn't know the park had a ranger nor did I believe such a small park should have a ranger.



TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was sometime late afternoon and it was cloudy and getting ready to rain.

ENVIRONMENT: It was in a wooded area near a pond

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Richard Knox:

The area where the witness reported his encounter is within Bancroft Park, which is located within the city of Lansing Michigan, Ingham County.

This city park is a popular destination with a nature trail that encircles a marshy pond and is home to one of the last segments of the Mason Esker. This esker was created around 15,000 years ago, when the glaciers were retreating at the end of the last Ice age and it is around this esker that the marshy pond is located. This park is generally near the center of Lansing, with a subdivision bordering on its west & south side, a golf course towards the east and mostly industrial areas to the north.

The witness went to the park to cool off after an argument with his brother. While walking, the witness found himself in parts of the park that he hadn’t visited before and decided to take a path he hadn’t been on. Walking down the path, he came to a partially frozen pond where he began to hear rustling noises near the water’s edge. Moving closer to see what was causing the noise, the witness initially though he saw a small “African American” child playing by the edge of the water. Calling out to the child, it turned and the witness stated that he saw “big reddish eyes” and that whatever “it” was began to come towards him. Stopping at a tree, it peered around at him and it was at this time the witness noticed that it had hair all over itself and “claws” at the ends of its hands. Frightened, the witness turned to run back the way he just came and it proceed to follow, closing the gap initially then keeping pace with him, while staying within the tree cover. Reaching the main road, the witness came upon a “park ranger” entering the trail system, with a dog (husky??).

The ranger asked the witness what was wrong and after explaining what he encountered, the ranger stated that it was probably just a lost dog, maybe even rabid. The witness noted that he thought it was odd that he stumbled upon a “Park Ranger”, with a dog, entering the trail system and that when he exited the trail; the dog didn’t bark or get excited making him wonder why it didn’t take notice of what was following behind him.

This is a map of the area sent to me by the witness:


“The white circle is where I entered the park and the white line is where I walked up the main road. The reddish line is where I left the main road for one of the trails. The black X is where I saw the creature before it came after me. The yellow line is showing that I made my way back down the same trail when I tried to get away from the creature at which point I encountered the ranger at the main road where the yellow circle is. The ranger and I walked off in different directions as shown by the purple and blue lines. He stayed on the main road of the park following the blue line while I followed the purple line and went out a different exit than the main that leads out to the street. As for the creature as I was running away, it was pretty much right behind me by only a few feet until I came up on the main road when it was just gone.”


The witness is a recent graduate of high school who relayed his story to his parents and brother & his wife shortly after the incident, Everyone except the father thought he was making it up & laughed about it, the father was receptive to the idea and suggested that he file the report.

I decided to have him briefly explain to me what happened, asking a few follow-up questions and the witness also offered to provide a map of the encounter area. It was during the follow-up questions that I got additional details as to the height, coloring and the details on the “claws”.

The witness stated that what he saw was around four foot tall, covered in dark brown/ black fur/hair & nothing stood out different with regards to it's underlying skin color and what he described as “claws” initially, were actually long thin nails that came to something of a point, similar to claws at the end of a dog’s paw. No sound or vocalizations were heard from it, other than the rustling of bushes as it made its way thru them. The witness also stated that the "big reddish eyes" only stood out to him, because the rest of the body was dark in color. The witness stated that he didn't see and eye shine, or glow, but only the redness in the eyes due to no white of a typical sclera showing.


There are reports of sasquatches venturing into towns for various reasons, this park is located close to downtown Lansing, which has a population of almost 114,000. But, the waterways and the small and large landholdings, provide valuable habitat within an urban environment that benefit fish and other wildlife. The contiguous green space created from the proximity of several park areas in the city as well as the rivers provide key wildlife corridors in the city. There are two areas where the combined park land creates large wildlife corridors. One of these areas is over 128 acres and includes Bancroft Park, Groesbeck Golf Course, Ormond Park and Fairview Park. Natural areas provide habitat for wildlife for rodents, wild turkeys, fox, deer cranes and other birds. Lansing has abundant water resources. The Grand and Red Cedar Rivers, as well as Sycamore Creek, flow through the city. The Grand River flows by, only a mile from this park. Rivers are believed to be travel routes for Sasquatches.

About BFRO Investigator Richard Knox:

Richard is a designer for a power company that services the majority of Lower Michigan. He is a former Emergency Medical Technician & Volunteer Firefighter. He enjoys camping, hiking and Geocaching with his wife, kids and grandkids. He and his wife attended the 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2018 Michigan Upper Peninsula Expeditions.

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