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Report # 50144  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, November 5, 2015.
Tall hairy figure is seen by the roadside on SR-19 near Altoona
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YEAR: 2015


MONTH: November


STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Lake County

LOCATION DETAILS: If headed north on 19, it was just a ways past Ravenswood road, but we were headed south and saw him on our right hand side, then passing Ravenswood almost immediately after

NEAREST TOWN: Altoona, Florida



ALSO NOTICED: It was really unusual. Especially the area, and the way he looked. Near residential areas, and in plain sight almost, and he was an almost Labrador retriever colored, not very long hair and really tall.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was the only person to see it, my wife may have misjudged it but also didn't want me to turn around.

OTHER STORIES: About 10 minutes north of a sighting by Alexander Springs. Lots.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was late, we were coming home from fishing and I saw a tall thing under a singular street light by the forest, everything else around it was dark

ENVIRONMENT: Pine/scrub area, then residential roads

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator R. Monteith:

This report was close to Lake Dorr. The location:

The driver was heading south on SR-19. His wife was sleeping in the passenger seat and another couple were sleeping in the camper shell in the back of the truck. It was near midnight and they were returning from a fishing trip. He believes he was going about 70 mph, and had his bright headlights on. There wasn’t much traffic.

The driver noticed movement to the right of the road near a power pole. He saw a tall, bipedal creature come from the woods, moving toward the street. It was about 5 yards off the road when it turned to its right away from the car and returned into the woods.

The driver slammed on the brakes waking everyone in the truck. He explained what he had just seen and none of his passengers wanted to get out of the truck to look further.

The man described the biped as 8 or 9 feet fall and very thin, almost as if it was malnourished. It had short hair, about two inches long, that appeared to be shorter than a bear’s fur and it was “orangey - yellow like a Labrador Retriever” in color. The head was rounded, it had no neck and the face he saw looked “more like an orangutan than anything else.” It had big dark eyes, and its nose “didn’t look human, but more like a gorilla's.”

The sighting was just north of Ravenswood Road, across from Dorr Road. An old railroad grade coming out of the Ocala National Forest ends near Dorr Road. The railroad grade is still clear cut and allows travel in the same way a power-line road would.

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About BFRO Investigator R. Monteith:

Re Monteith has had a life-long interest in Bigfoot and has an extensive background in outdoor land and ocean survival as well as mountaineering. She has tran-sailed the Atlantic, backpacked in remote places throughout the world and has climbed three of the seven summits. She studied International Relations at Florida International University, and is a Financial and Real Estate Consultant. She has participated in many private expeditions as well as the 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 BFRO North Florida Expeditions and the 2013 BFRO UP Michigan & Alabama Expedition. She also organized Florida's 2017 Town Hall Meeting. She was an Executive Producer of the documentary film, "Skunk Ape Lives" and featured as a Crypto Expert on The Science Channel's television show, Strange Evidence for seasons 2 - 5.

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