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Report # 50297  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, November 26, 2015.
Horse boarder hears possible vocalizations late at night west of Belgrade
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YEAR: 2006

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Montana

COUNTY: Gallatin County

LOCATION DETAILS: Approximately 4 miles west of Belgrade, Montana and 1 mile south of I-90. 3/4 of a mile east of the West Gallatin River.

NEAREST TOWN: Belgrade or Manhattan, MT


OBSERVED: I used to own a horse boarding facility which was/is located about 3/4 of mile south of the West Gallatin River and about 4 miles north of Belgrade, Montana on the south side of I-90. One night at around 11 pm I was outside just before going to bed and I heard what I thought was a very loud screams from a woman west of me toward the river. I was ready to get in my truck and investigate the screaming but the screams were not human. All of the horses in my boarding pens were snorting and looking west toward the river. My Australian shepherd dog was also acting very strange; growling and his hair was standing up. A large number of whitetail deer lived along the river and routinely came down to my place to feed on any hay left over on the ground. They were a real nuisance. I did not see or hear anything else but I will never forget that sound and the way the horses were acting; similar to smelling a bear. Even the next morning, Butch, my dog was continually looking toward the river and acting very wary.

ALSO NOTICED: Reaction of the horses (approximately 20 head) and my dog.



TIME AND CONDITIONS: around 11 pm, dark

ENVIRONMENT: West of my rural property in the open area just east of the Gallatin River treed area.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Tom Brodhead:

Spoke to witness on 1/28/2016 regarding vocalizations. He was outside at approximately 11 PM and heard loud vocalizations coming from west of his location towards the Gallatin River. He hesitated investigating the sounds as they didn't sound human. His horses were visibly upset and nervously staring towards the sounds. His Aussie was growling and hair was standing up on his dog's back. The next morning his dog was still wary and staring at the same spot. Witness grew up in Alberta and was a geologist by trade. He is very familiar with the woods and comfortable in them. The sounds were unlike anything he had ever heard during his time outdoors.

Witness stated details in a matter of fact manner and there was no embellishment. Based on our conversation I believe him to be completely sincere.

About BFRO Investigator Tom Brodhead:

I grew up in the Catskills in NY fishing and camping. My interest in Bigfoot started when I read a story in Boy's Life at a young age. I followed the saga unfolding in the PNW through the 60's and 70's reading Peter Byrne, John Greene, and any other books I could find. I spent 30 years as a construction engineer and when I retired moved to MT with my wife Alexis. Attended my first BFRO expeditions in WA and OR in 2014 and the OR BFRO expedition in 2015 along with several private expeditions in OR. Also attended the May 2015 Olympic Project public expedition. I found myself learning something new on each one and meeting a diverse group of people helped me to understand the creature's habits a little more each time. I also attended the Sasquatch Summit and met some of the luminaries of the Bigfoot world including Bob Gimlin which was one of my goals since the Patterson film first aired.

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