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Report # 50982  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, January 28, 2016.
Students have a sighting at dusk close to their university in Madison
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YEAR: 2016

SEASON: Winter

DATE: January 18

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Dane County

LOCATION DETAILS: Rte 12 West through Madison. Rte 151 North to University Bay on Lake Mendota.


NEAREST ROAD: N. Henry Street

OBSERVED: Dear Bigfoot Crew,
I do not watch your show but I did not know who to contact after a squatch sighting. My parents believe I am crazy, but I did see him!! I live on the corner of Henry and Langdon in Madison, WI. I saw him at Lake mendota walking on the shore at the end of N. Henry st.

When I saw him he must've been 7-8 feet tall with a ton of hair. I found it extremely odd to see him by uw-madison campus. It was definitely him!! Other people with me and that live here see him.


ALSO NOTICED: His sound, beh duh duh


OTHER STORIES: After talking to neighbors others have seen strange activity.


ENVIRONMENT: lakeside, sort of wooded.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Rick Reles:

I spoke with this student at length about his experience. He and two friends were walking back from class to their dorms on North Henry Street, along the South side of Lake Mendota, near the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. It was dusk, and they were descending steps near a cliff to traverse the frozen lake surface. Suddenly, they saw a 7-8 foot tall creature, covered in dark hair, approx.100 feet in front of them, next to a stand of bushes and trees. They described it as big and broad, like Shaquille O'Neal, only 70-100 pounds heavier. It was at the shoreline among bushes, and was picking at vegetation. It saw them, and they stopped, in their tracks, scared. They were intimidated, saying "It felt like your Dad had just yelled at you." They thought of running, but stayed their ground and watched for 20 seconds, when the creature began making a "low pitched purring noise", which turned into a growl. The three students were starting to turn, when the creature ambled into the woods, on two legs, loudly crunching branches, and trees as it went away.

Total duration of the sighting was 45 seconds. Logan took a picture of it on his cellphone, via SnapChat. (The picture is now gone). He described the eyes as red and glowing, very large for the face.

There are dumpsters along the lake edge, outside the fraternity houses there. Some woods, but most are on the opposite side of the bay. They smelled nothing. Weather was cold.

They knew not what it was, and began to Google possibilities, finding the BFRO site to report the incident.

I followed up on another report that we received a few days prior, of a sighting of a large black creature in a field just a few blocks away. Two girls were walking a trail at dusk when they saw it, and their description matches this report. I know one of the girls personally and she is trustworthy and honest.

About BFRO Investigator Rick Reles:

Rick has been on numerous BFRO expeditions over the last 7 years, and has been investigating witness experiences for 5 years in Wisconsin and Tennessee. He has three times published a guide book to Stick Structures found in the woods.

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