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Report # 51430  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, March 10, 2016.
Possible rocks thrown and wood knocks 30mi ESE of Tulsa, off Rt. 51
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YEAR: 2016

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

DATE: 10

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Tulsa County

LOCATION DETAILS: I was fishing in an old strip mining pit. There is a trail that leads back to the area but you must be in a 4x4 vehicle to get all the way back to the pond.

NEAREST TOWN: Broken Arrow

NEAREST ROAD: 51st Street

OBSERVED: This is the third encounter I believe I have had at this same location. I was out fishing in my kayak and I was about to turn back to go to my truck. I was coasting enjoying the evening then there was a large splash about 15 feet toward the shore beside me. I had one headphone in on the same side so I couldn't hear well but I did not hear any movement. There is no way this could have been a fish because the pond does not have any fish large enough. I believe it was a rock because it did not float back to the top. It had been raining a lot that week so it would have taken almost a monster truck to get to that side of the pond. I have had a similar incident at the same location hearing what sounds like wood knocks at night and I have had another incident where a rock was thrown into the pond while I was on it as well. It is very tough to get to that area so I firmly believe that it couldn't have been anything else. I have also had an incident where I was further back in the woods and heard something running at me to which I took off in my truck. I am very confident that this could have been a bigfoot encounter and it may be worth looking into.

ALSO NOTICED: It was very odd that I didn't hear any movement after the rock had been thrown. I had one of my headphones in just to listen but I never heard anything that would alert me that someone was around. Like I said, it would have taken a very large vehicle to get back to where the rock was thrown.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was the only witness.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: dusk. It was after days of rain. It was a very calm evening. right around 60 degreed.

ENVIRONMENT: Where I believe the Bigfoot was is pretty dense. There are a few trails around where 4x4 vehicles can drive but it takes a pretty large truck to get back there.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Bill S.:

We met the witness (Chad) at the site. Chad was very personable and detailed. The site has a lot of human traffic on it. However, we found plentiful animal sign. Deer, raccoon, canine (dog and possibly coyote) sign was everywhere and fresh. There is plenty of water and there are ways that a large animal could enter and leave the area with cover.
I say “we” as I took my two teenaged children, both of whom have been on several expeditions and investigations, and a friend of my daughter came along too. As we got out of the truck to look around, I immediately found a nice grassy meadow type of area that would be ideal for an ambush predator.
We spread out and walked around and my son found a couple of pretty interesting impressions. One track had filled with water. I stood next to in and tried my best to make the impression as deep as the one we were looking at. I am a pretty big guy and my track was not remotely as deep nor as long and wide.

We continued to walk and several of us agreed that we were hearing what sounded like knocks. Nothing definite, but we were picking them up and we would respond to those knocks with a knock of our own.

As we came up the back side of a hill we arrived at the over look of the pond. At this point Chad wanted to show me where the rocks came from that were thrown into the pond at him. My son, who tends to wander around looking for sign, headed into the brush alone and my daughter and her friend did the same but in a different direction.

The rock throwing areas were both ideal places to observe the pond without being seen and had easy egress paths for a sasquatch to move out of the area undetected if need be.
I received two phone calls from my son while Chad and I were looking at the different areas. The first call was to inform me that he had found some more interesting foot impressions. The second one was different. He told me to get to him immediately as he was hearing something that sounded like deep panting close to him. We headed toward him rapidly. He was unnerved when we got to him. I asked where he had been when he heard the panting and he told me. Then they all asked what we were going to do. I said we are going back to where he was and checking it out.

We found the impressions and something bipedal had definitely made long large scuff marks in light mud on the hill. Then we got down to where he heard the panting. My daughter and her friend had gone off in another direction previously but interestingly they had ended up close to where my son was when he heard the panting.

My daughter said she too had the feeling of being watched and that whatever was watching her did not want her there. Her friend initially reported a general feeling of being watched. And then he felt as if he was being watched intensely. “All my senses were raised and I felt like I should run or yell or something.”

My son later told me that it was the most scared he felt in the woods since his first encounter when we were approached by a pair of squatches. My son has seen one watching him, had rocks thrown toward him and been screamed at, so whatever was there was giving off some strong vibrations.

To conclude, there is definitely the habitat, food sources, water and cover to hide a large creature. We saw and heard some interesting things, and had some unnerving reactions. I think it is very possible that Chad has had rocks thrown at him and hopefully we can get back there soon and look around some more.

About BFRO Investigator Bill S.:

Bill is a business owner who has attended OK 2011, AR 2012, CO 2012, NM 2013, NC 2014, CO 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and several private expeditions.

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