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Report # 55236  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, July 21, 2016.
Former park ranger has possible night sighting near a remote Texas game ranch
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YEAR: 2016

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 18th

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Jack County

LOCATION DETAILS: Incident occurred near several huge wild game ranches, very remote area.



OBSERVED: I think I may have seen a Sasquatch near the Montgomery Game Ranch in Jack county last night, slightly before midnight. A few friends and I were dirt road driving through several very wild and remote parts of our county. We stopped to look and listen. I put my generation one night vision monocular on the edge of a clearing. I noticed a large, black, and roundish shape. I thought it might be a cow but when I focused on it, it stood up slowly on two legs, appeared to be very tall, and took three or four really long, liquid, and smooth steps to get behind a nearby mesquite tree. It appeared to be a huge, man like figure. It appeared to me to be moving slowly to avoid detection, i.e. moving slowly and smoothly with no sudden movements. I tried to zoom in but all I could make out was a huge black shape behind the tree. I was not able to record it and I was the only one in the group who saw it. It's size and the fluidity of its movements are what stuck in my mind the most. It was more coordinated and smoother than even a wild cat. After growing up on a cattle ranch in this part of the country and spending many years as a park ranger, I have seen many wild animals. This was like nothing I have ever seen before. I can't say for sure I saw a Sasquatch but feel strongly that I might have.

ALSO NOTICED: Heard two or three owls calling back and forth in our area during the sighting.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was the only one who saw the figure but there were four of us in the party.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, a sighting occurred very near here. Report 55121. Submitted to the BFRO.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Almost full moon, 90 degrees, dry and clear.

ENVIRONMENT: Mixed grass prairie with heavily wooded areas in creek bottoms. Mostly oak and mesquite trees. Dense underbrush.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Gary Christensen:

I met with the witness, and he took me to the location of the sighting. The figure was seen on open ground and paced off to be 100 yards from the witness. Using my 6 foot frame as a model, the witness said the creature appeared much larger and taller than me. The distance that the figure covered in 3-4 strides took me about 10 strides. The sighting took place on private property where trespassers would be arrested if caught. The terrain was flat in the immediate area of the sighting but a creek system, thick mesquite forest, and hills were within 1/4 mile. The witness also mentioned seeing deer in the area passing their vehicle from behind showing signs of being pursued by a predator.

The witness is a life long resident of the area. As a former park ranger and guide, his knowledge of North American wildlife is excellent. I found him to be a very credible witness.

About BFRO Investigator Gary Christensen:

Gary is a retired USAF pilot, a Vietnam veteran with 312 combat missions in the B-52. He also retired from American Airlines in 2008 after 18 years service as a flight training manager. A graduate of USAF ground and sea survival schools, Gary is an avid bird hunter and fisherman. He has been following the bigfoot phenomenon since the 1950's.

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