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Report # 56061  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, December 3, 2016.
Nighttime sighting by a husband and wife driving near Rockmart
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YEAR: 2016

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December


STATE: Georgia

COUNTY: Haralson County

LOCATION DETAILS: 1 1/2 mile up Vincent Mountain Rd after turning off hwy 120...left side of road across from a church...

NEAREST ROAD: Hwy 120 and Vincent Mountain Road

OBSERVED: On our way home to Rockmart, GA from Birmingham, AL, we were following the directions the GPS gave for the distance. This brought us to Hwy 120 and Vincent Mountain Road. We had just made that turn and gone a mile and a half when my husband and myself saw a large figure standing in the tree line. There was illumination coming from the right side of the road from an additional light source other than our car headlights. This enabled us to clearly see this figure that was on the left side of the road with one arm straight down and the other arm slightly moving. I believe that arm movement is what caught our attention making us both look to our left CLEARLY allowing us both to view this creature. It was covered in reddish brown fur from head to toe with a face I can only describe as Ape like. It appeared to be over seven feet tall. He/she seemed to be getting ready to cross the road. After about 15 seconds past, he and I both screamed out, "did you just see what I saw???"

I have never been a big believer in the legend of Bigfoot, but I know what I saw tonight. And I am floored. I have never written to any site such as this about anything in my life and I certainly didn't think I would start at 56 years old.

Thank you for your time.

ALSO NOTICED: Nothing else I can think of.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2, myself and my husband

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 10:30 apx and it was drizzling after we have been without significant rainfall in over 30 days. We are in extreme drought.

ENVIRONMENT: Forest. There was a small store right at the intersection and the short way down to where we saw this creature is also a church. I think the floodlight from the church was where the backlight came allowing us to see the creature.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator David Bakara:

I spoke with both witnesses and they both seemed level headed and still excited about what they had seen that night. It was approx. 10:30 pm when both witnesses and their 20 year old daughter (sleeping in the back seat) were headed home to Rockmart, GA from Birmingham, AL. on the night of Dec. 3rd 2016.

It was raining a light drizzle, which was a welcome change as Georgia is in the midst of a statewide drought... it was the first sign of any precipitation in 2 months.. After turning onto Vincent Mountain Road and traveling approx. 1 1/2 miles, the wife noticed a slight movement on the left side of road. It was approx. 50 feet ahead and the car was traveling at 45mph. It was slightly illuminated from the parking lots lights from a church directly across the street. The witnesses stated if it wasn't for the slight movement it made, they may not have seen it. It was described as standing between 2 trees, approx 15 feet from the car, 7-8 feet tall, covered in red/orangeish brown hair with a face of a mix between a man and a gorilla. The witnesses stated they believe the movement that drew their attention was that of its left arm...they watched it for a total of about 6 seconds. The wife stated it acted like it was about to step out and cross the road. The creature watched the couple go by as they observed it. As they passed it, the wife was able to look back thru the rear glass at it, as it was still in the church lights. It wasn't until they had drove down the road about another mile that the husband asked if she'd "seen anything back there". They both agreed immediately they had just seen a Bigfoot..these witnesses stated that they cant imagine it was anything else as it was too tall to be a person in costume...

About BFRO Investigator David Bakara:

David has three daughters and a wife that shares his interest in research, both having developed a deep respect for nature and knowledge of the outdoors and wildlife. Attended Northern Florida Expedition 2011, 2012 Washington Exp., and 2012 North Florida exp. Prior US Navy and currently works as a Leasing Agent, spending his time off in the woods as often as he can investigating Bigfoot reports.

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