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Report # 6429  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, June 2, 2003.
Woman recalls a nighttime sighting on Hwy. 299 near Burney
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YEAR: 1994


STATE: California

COUNTY: Shasta County

LOCATION DETAILS: Location was the last hill going south on 299 to
Burney, and i remembered also as we observed this creature it did not look back at us, and it was walking in front of us on the opposite side of the road next to a tall caltrans 55 mile speed limit sign. A approaching car almost hit the creature,as the car was coming down the hill.

NEAREST TOWN: Burney, California

NEAREST ROAD: highway 299 east, and hwy 89 intersection.

OBSERVED: I believe that i saw bigfoot, with two other witnesses in the vehicle with me. I seen a huge ape like animal that was reddish brown color, with long straggley looking hair hanging off it's arms, and legs. I also noted as it walked, its legs at the knees were bent as it walked its legs never straightened out like a humans legs would. The arms of this bigfoot were long and swayed as he walked and he was very tall, i noted that he walked next to a tall sign on the highway and his shoulders were in line with the 55 mile speed limit highway sign on hwy 299. I would also say that this creature was around 7 to 8 foot in height, and about 500lbs, or more in weight.

ALSO NOTICED: Yes sometime before this i remembered that in the
Before our sighting:
sheriffs log in the Intermountain newspaper a repoter, or someone had reported seeing two creatures almost 1 mile from the same location and he reported seeing two hairy creatures running in front of his vehicle.

OTHER WITNESSES: their were two other witnesses, including myself, and all together there were three of us in the pick up. All of us were frightened and scared.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: the sighting happened at night, and we were in a small pickup, and it was on a highway 299 north of Burney. The trucks headlights caught the creatuure walking in front of us going up a hill.

ENVIRONMENT: there are stands of pine trees next to the highway, and a ravine that leads up to hill of huge boulders, and rock piles.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness indicated that the Burney area is a hotspot for bigfoot activity. She also relayed several second and third hand stories that she had heard. There are no additional details to add to this report.

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