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Report # 6463  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, March 29, 1998.
Afternoon sighting by youth along isolated road near Leiper's Fork
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YEAR: 1974 or 1975

SEASON: Spring

STATE: Tennessee

COUNTY: Williamson County

LOCATION DETAILS: Sighting occurred in the state of Tennessee, Williamson County, South Lick Creek Road. Nearest Town: Leiper's Fork

NEAREST TOWN: Leiper's Fork

NEAREST ROAD: South Lick Creek Road

OBSERVED: My brother and I were out riding our mini bike one afternoon after school approximately 4:00 to 5:00 P.M.. It was the beginning of Spring and we were searching for bait to go fishing. We parked our bike on the road, which at the time was gravel and traveled very little. We walked down a path that was used by a farmer to get to his pasture were he had cattle grazing. As we walked down the path I felt as though we were being watched. It was an eerie feeling that still haunts me to this day as I recall the incident.

Off to my left and approximately 30 to 40 yards away, and 50 or so yards from the main road, was a hairy creature standing in a bent over slump raking it's arms through a patch of May apple. My brother saw it at about the same time. At that moment the two of us ran as fast as we could not looking at each other, but looking at the creature over our shoulders. I was afraid that it would come after us, but it stood in the patch of May apple looking at us as though it didn't know what to make of us. I have told this story many times since that day. Many people laugh in disbelief, but I know what I saw and it could only be one of two things. Either someone dressed in a Bigfoot costume, or it was Bigfoot himself.

ALSO NOTICED: Nothing was heard at all from the creature. There was no odor coming from the creature that I was aware of either.

OTHER WITNESSES: My brother and I were engaged in laughter and jokes as we walked down the tractor path.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Late March, Early April in 1974 or 1975

ENVIRONMENT: There was a small stream that flowed Approximately 30 or so yards from the creature. The area was heavily wooded with hardwood, and still is to this day. There is a larger stream, Lick Creek, which was approximately 100 or so yards from the creature. At the time there was a one lane steel bridge that crossed Lick Creek.

Follow-up investigation report:

On Wednesday, April 22nd 1997 BFRO Researcher, Scott M., contacted the witness by phone for a follow up interview. The story remained steadily consistent with the original report of nearly a month ago. A few more details about the animal seen were described: The witness described that the animal did not appear threatened by them at all, and as they ran (the two brothers) the witness looked over his shoulder and the animal appeared to simply watch them, then it went about its business as it was doing before (running its hands through the may apple patch) The submitter did correct something from his earlier report, he stated originally that his brother also saw the creature, but when asked if he actually saw something, he stated that he did not, but he ran because his brother (the submitter) simply yelled at him to run. The animal witnessed was 5 foot to 6 foot tall, and medium brown in color, it was stocky but not fat, but appeared "in shape". It had a low forehead, like a gorilla and a square jaw, it was described as looking like a cross between a man and a gorilla. It had long arms, but not overly long like a gorilla, and its arms were covered by shaggy hair. No facial features were discerned, and no attempts to return to the site to look for either the creature or evidence of it were made. The witness is believable, and stated that he cannot rule out that it was a man in a costume, but he feels that is highly unlikely since the location was rarely visited, and a person in a costume could have had a long wait on their hands, and no one knew they were going out to the location. The inhabitants of the area were older farmers, and not prone to wearing gorilla costumes on the farm. As stated, the witness said he cannot rule out a costume, but he feels it was actually a bigfoot, and not a hoaxer.

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