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Report # 662  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, October 23, 1997.
Hikers notice a large (at least seven to eight feet tall) animal covered with dark brown fur sitting on a stump
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YEAR: 1978

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Curry County

LOCATION DETAILS: On the USFS 1215 trail that crosses Baldface creek at the confluence of Spokane Creek just south of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness area. On a prospecting trip north of Sourdough camp at the bottom of Biscuit hill at the site of an old gold camp


OBSERVED: Long drag marks of something very large pulled through a small clearing and then through very dense clumps of Oregon grape, huckleberry, and what I would guess was manzanita. These shrubs and small trees had significant damage to them. I would have discounted this as the work of a Bear, but for the fact that the damage reached a height in excess of ten feet on the scattered trees along the drag path and the drag marks continued for almost 200yrds before gradually diminishing.(This while going up an incline). About two hours later my cousin and I were on the south east side of Baldface creek and noticed a large (at least seven to eight feet tall) animal covered with dark brown fur sitting on a stump (Yes, sitting on a stump!) watching us directly across from where we where hiking. The animal stood made a gesture and strode off into the surrounding forest. Curious we decided to try to get a closer look as we descended toward the bottom of the hill to the creek we heard a large amount of noise and turned to see that not 100 yards more and we would have run into a bear and her cub feeding off the berry bushes along our previous path. Till this day I am Unsure of the creature I saw, and question whether or not it was motioning my cousin and I out of potential danger.

OTHER WITNESSES: There were a total of five people that witnessed the drag marks and damage to vegetation by the old deserted mining camp, and two witnesses that observed the animal?(BIGFOOT)??????

ENVIRONMENT: This incident occurred at a confluence of two mid-size creeks at the base of Biscuit Hill which to my knowledge is around 3275 ft. tall. The main vegetation for this particular area is mostly a mixture of pine and fir with thick areas of manzanita ( I believe this is the shrub), huckleberry, and Oregon grape.

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