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Report # 6668  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, July 28, 2003.
Late Night Close Range Overpowering Vocalization
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YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 20th

STATE: New Hampshire

COUNTY: Cheshire County

NEAREST TOWN: Marlborough, NH

NEAREST ROAD: Porter Lane and Rt. 102

OBSERVED: My girlfriend and I were staying at her parent's house near Marlborough, New Hampshire. I am writing on her behalf because of my access to the internet. I also have an interest in bigfoot related stories and lore and so am familiar with this website. However, I have not had any experiences or encounters myself.
This particular night, my girlfriend was startled by an unusual howling scream while watching t.v. at approximately 11:45 p.m. (her father and I were asleep and did not hear anything). The howling scream seemed to eminate from across the street in an area that is heavily wooded. At the first scream she thought that she must have heared an injured person's cry. There were approximately four screams (although she is unsure about this), each about 5 seconds apart. After hearing the second scream she went to the front door (about 10' from her) and stood outside on the stoop where she heard the last two screams.
She estimated the distance to the screams as approximately 400 feet, to the other side of the street where there is a solitary house. I believe, however, that the screams may have been much farther away. She says that they were 'very loud' and stationary, i.e. they didn't sound louder or fainter with each progressive one. She also notes that they sounded as if from around the corner of the house, not a clear shot from her to the point of origin. In other words, she doesn't beleive that the 'animal' could have seen her at the front door.
The next day she described what she heard to me and I immediately thought of the recordings from your site. Her description sounded alike. After returning from our trip I played the recordings to her (over the phone) and she says, "identical," specifically the 1978 recording from Snohomish County, Washington.

OTHER WITNESSES: 1 person heard the screams

OTHER STORIES: we have not.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: approx. 12am. Warm evening, partial clouds, relatively dark.

ENVIRONMENT: The surrounding context is heavily wooded with some developement. Our house is on a street with approximately 12 houses and is a recent development. We view Mt. Monadnock. The forest around the mountain is a park with hiking trails.
There are 30 acres of protected wooded land. Our house is regularly visited by wildlife such as wild turkey, deer, fox, and black bear (they like the bird feeders).

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Bill D.:

Original report submitted by witness boyfriend. Investigator interview provided slightly different detail (not unusal with second hand reports).

Witness stepped outside the house for a breath of air late at night (between 11 & 12 pm) and was treated to a series of close range vocalizations described as "overpowering" in volume and of a wailing-roar-scream in timbre. Vocalizations began less than 1 minute after she exited the house and came from across a small dirt road "about a basketball court away" in range. The calls were 5 - 10 seconds in duration, repeating approximately 6 times with about a one second pause in between. It is possible the witness surprised and/or startled the animal which was either passing by or loitering close to the otherwise dark, quiet house.

The witness additionally described the vocalizations as a "scream-moan-something hurt" with enough power to be clearly heard reverbrating throughout the surrounding area, a mix of woods and farm fields. There were no other witnesses and nothing additional heard or seen.

The type and volume of the calls do not correspond to any know local wildlife. The area has a history of vocalization reports and sightings (where the animals are referred to as
' wood apes ' ) going back to the pre-colonial period.

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