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Report # 683  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, August 15, 1998.
Creature seen walking along the edge of forest
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YEAR: 1989

SEASON: Unknown

DATE: Feb or Mar, I think... 1988 or 1989. Maybe 1990, but I doubt it.

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Klamath County


OBSERVED: There were 4 adults and 3 older children in the car. We were waiting for Amtrak to show up. It was close to dusk. Something came across our view WAY across the tracks...maybe 200 ft away. I could be wrong about the distance. On the far side was the edge of the forest. Walking along the edge of the forest, in southerly direction, was a big brown hairy creature. At first we thought it was someone in costume... but soon realized it wasn't and that it was a real "thing." It continued walking in a lurching forward fashion... looking back over its shoulder at us. It was cold outside so we had the kids get into the car. The being scared us. Chemult is so isolated. We were the only people there. Since we couldn't explain what we saw, we just decided to collectively drop the subject..... and tried to forget about it. A few years later I read a letter in the personals section of the Bend Bulletin newspaper...asking if anyone in Central Oregon had seen Bigfoot. All of a sudden, the light came on in my head and I realized what we had seen way back when. Then I called up the others who had been there and they all agreed. I showed them the famouse 1967 photo and that coucld have been taken by us! Just thought I would share with you. Finally, somewhere I can tell this story and have someone believe me!!!!

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest... two in service railroad tracks... an abandoned train station house. We were on the west side of the tracks.. he was way across on the east side... right on the edge of the forest. I could point out the EXACT location if ever needed.

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