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Report # 68899  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, March 17, 2021.
Four senior golfers observe a sasquatch next to Whitewater Creek Golf Course, 27 mi south of Atlanta
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YEAR: 2018


MONTH: December

DATE: mid Dec

STATE: Georgia

COUNTY: Fayette County

LOCATION DETAILS: We were on the White Water Creek Golf course. We are members and know the area well. Several lakes and ponds just off the creek near the 15th tee box.

[Investigator note: For the Google Maps pin to the spot
where the sasquatch was first spotted, click here.

Coordinates: 33.371111, -84.508000 ]

NEAREST TOWN: Fayetteville GA


I golf three times a week and often up to a one hour drive from my home in Peachtree City GA. I was very close to my home and near Fayetteville GA. I was with three (3) other grown men and NO we had yet to open any cold beer. We drove up to our tee box and a friend yelled at me - "Dave look there's a bigfoot." All of us were about forty yards or so from a large black creature walking from left to right up a slight hill. I watched for just a few seconds and swung the golf cart back up the hill and much closer to the woods & in the direction that the large creature was walking. Mid December so near 50% of the leaves were OFF the trees / bushes that just several days before would not be able to see through. Anyway I got closer to the woods and in that general direction of its walking. Seemingly walking straight at us was a 7 foot or large large black creature. I asked my buddy sitting beside me if it was walking AT US but he told me to GO to GO to GO as he wanted NO part of what we were watching. I yelled at it and down it went behind a log or some debris. It got up after just a few seconds and began to walk AWAY from us. I kept yelling and it turned as the sun hit it and I saw the left side of its large shoulder and left side of its face. It appeared to have fur like a beautiful jet black mink coat. The shoulders and arms were HUGE. We watched for just a few seconds as it disappeared over the hill going back the way it came into that wooded area. Deer Hunting season had just begun in GA so it likely was pushed from its normal residence South of Whitewater Creek Golf Club and Fayetteville GA area. Near Griffen GA a bigfoot was seen by a home owner and a police officer got a good imprint of the large foot print. (it was near Zubulon GA that is South of Griffen GA)

OTHER WITNESSES: three others watched / witnessed the sighting

TIME AND CONDITIONS: near 3:00 PM with sun maybe just a few clouds ...

ENVIRONMENT: woods mixed with homes and on a Golf Course ... more woods to the South of this location ...

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Matthew Moneymaker:

I spoke with the witness, David Bedout, by phone. He is very credible and certain about what he and three other witnesses observed that afternoon. He is a retired commercial real estate banker. There were four witness in two golf carts. The witness sitting next to Dave in his golf cart was a retired Delta Airlines pilot.

Based on what Dave described, they could have only seen a real sasquatch or a very large (7 foot tall) man in a very convincing sasquatch costume. All four witnesses were certain that it was a real sasquatch. It was definitely not a bear.

One part of the observation is particularly interesting: When Dave yelled at the figure it immediately laid down on the ground behind a log (or similar looking debris), before getting back up and walking away. Other witnesses have described a sasquatch reacting this same way -- quickly disappearing from view by laying flat on the ground behind a horizontal obstruction like a log.

I asked Dave if he sees any deer (primary food source of sasquatches) around the Whitewater Creek Golf Course. Yes indeed. He says on that particular golf course, among the many he plays on in the vicinity, he usually sees more deer than golfers.

The stretch of woods that the sasquatch walked back into is the thick green belt of Whitewater Creek which heads generally south. In that section of creek bed there is a power line cut that follows the creek for a distance toward larger green belts. Due to the proximity to homes, hunting is likely prohibited in the area, making the area a sanctuary for deer during hunting season.

For the Google Maps pin for the spot where the sasquatch was first observed, click here. When the witnesses first spotted the figure they were on the other side of the pond, more or less where you see the shadow of the golfer in the Google Maps aerial image linked above.

Long/Lat Coordinates: 33.371111, -84.508000

About BFRO Investigator Matthew Moneymaker:

Matthew Moneymaker is originally from the Los Feliz District of Los Angeles, California.

- Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

- Founder of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization,1995.

- Writer and co-producer of the Discovery Channel documentary "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science", 2001.

- Co-producer of the TV Series "Mysterious Encounters" for the Outdoor Life Network (OLN Channel), 2002.

- Producer of the "2003 International Bigfoot Symposium" (Willow Creek Symposium) DVD set, 2004.

- Co-host of "Finding Bigfoot" on Animal Planet Channel, 2010 - 2017.

- Current Director of the BFRO

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