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Report # 69315  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Debbie Bailey on Wednesday, June 9, 2021.
Possible "Ohio howls" heard on Hoopa Indian Reservation
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YEAR: 2021

SEASON: Spring



STATE: California

COUNTY: Humboldt County

LOCATION DETAILS: Hoopa, CA: Heard from Shoemaker Road


NEAREST ROAD: Shoemaker Road/Cherry Flat Road

OBSERVED: This is to document my experience on Sunday, June 6, 2021.

Something woke me up from dreaming. I was dreaming I was trying to sleep but there was noise outside so in my dream I got out of bed and went to my window and pulled back the curtain. I started tapping on the window to let whoever was outside know they were being noisy and disrupting my effort to try to sleep. After my third tap on the window, I woke up from my dream and realized I had to go to the bathroom. I got up and made my way to the toilet. My bedroom window was open and my bathroom window was open. Just before I flushed, I heard a faint noise, and I started to think it was a motorcycle coming around the bend on the highway, and in that second I thought to myself “Who would be riding a motorcycle this early in the morning?”. Then, the noise got louder and drawn out, and had a deep vibrating howl, and then it stopped. I realized then that it was something I have never heard before and it was not human. It sounded like it was on one of the mountains behind my house.

Afterwards, I noticed there were no dogs barking, not even my dogs, and there weren’t even any crickets. It was dead silence outside. I was telling myself, oh my god, did I just hear what I think I heard? I headed back to bed and noticed the clock said 3:33am. I asked my husband if he was awake. He had been snoring when I was in the bathroom. I told him I had just heard something. I explained the sound to him and I said I think it was a Bigfoot. I could not believe what I had heard. I could not sleep for over an hour, and we laid in bed waiting for more howling but there was none.

The next day when I told everyone in the house, nobody had heard it. Later Sunday morning, I used my cell phone to google different animal sounds to try to find the same howl I heard. I tried Mountain lion, Wolf, Fisher, Fox, and none of them are in the least bit similar. Then, I googled Bigfoot howls. Oh my god! The 1994 Ohio Moaning Howl is almost exactly what I heard. I got chills when I listened to it. I played the recording to my household, and my oldest adult son recognized the sound also. He as well as a few of his friends have had a few experiences too, including a rock being thrown at him. He has the rock in his bedroom. I phoned my other family members and told them what I experienced and my mom told me that there was a post on facebook about a week earlier from someone that lives a few blocks away from me. She was returning home late at night near the local dump (between Hoopa and Willow Creek, California). Apparently, she thought she saw something near the highway and so did the car behind her as the other car turned around and drove back. This location is only a couple of mountains away from where my home is located. I figure the Bigfoot traveled to Hoopa from the dump site.

I have lived in this area (Weitchpec and Hoopa, CA) almost my entire life and I have never, ever heard such a howl. I think about the experience daily, but I actually feel fortunate to have witnessed this rare creature howling.

Debbie Bailey

ALSO NOTICED: Afterwards, there was dead silence in the neighborhood, no dogs barking and no sounds from crickets.

OTHER WITNESSES: Not to my knowledge yet. I do not know if any of my neighbors heard the howl(s).


Dark outside, clear skies.

ENVIRONMENT: Mountainous area with brush and trees.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Matthew Moneymaker:

Click here for the 1994 Ohio Howl recording.

About BFRO Investigator Matthew Moneymaker:

Matthew Moneymaker is originally from the Los Feliz District of Los Angeles, California.

- Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

- Founder of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization,1995.

- Writer and co-producer of the Discovery Channel documentary "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science", 2001.

- Co-producer of the TV Series "Mysterious Encounters" for the Outdoor Life Network (OLN Channel), 2002.

- Producer of the "2003 International Bigfoot Symposium" (Willow Creek Symposium) DVD set, 2004.

- Co-host of "Finding Bigfoot" on Animal Planet Channel, 2010 - 2017.

- Current Director of the BFRO

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