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Report # 717  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, November 17, 2000.
Unusual shadow seen through window near Branson. Large footprints found the next morning
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YEAR: 1981

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: Stone County


NEAREST ROAD: County Rd 265

OBSERVED: When I was 11 it happened on a Saturday night.
The moon was full. I had my curtains closed.
This creature walked up to my window. It was
very tall and was covered with hair. It breathed
heavily and it's head was kind of pointed on
top. I also noticed that it almost seemed like it
had no neck. It stood in front of my window
for 2 or 3 minutes like it was listening and
trying to look in. I knew it was no joke because
we had no neighbors at the time. I was very scared
of it. Eventually it left the window and walked
around the side of the house. The next day I
told my sister what I had seen that night and
we discovered footprints around the house. they
measured about 20 inches. I never told my parents
because I didn't think they would belive me. We
also measured the window and discovered that the
creature had to be at least 8.5 feet tall. I
know that whatever I saw scared me so badly that
I wouldn't go outside at night untill I was 15.
It also rained on that Sunday and washed away
the footprints.We followed them into the woods.

ALSO NOTICED: I was woke up one night and heard something
screamed and made other high pitched noises this
happened 2 years after the sighting at about 4am.
I recently told my brother inlaw about what happened
and he told me that he felt like something was
watching him from the woods once while he was
fishing. He also told me that once he had a friend
with him once and it was getting dark and they
heard something scream. It terrified his friend
and so they left.

OTHER WITNESSES: One. my sister, was witness to the footprints. She was asleep in her room.

OTHER STORIES: I haven't heard any stories except for what
my brother in law told me about our area.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 10pm, full moon, clear sky, hot.

ENVIRONMENT: We lived close to the lake. It was heavily wooded. We lived on the side of the hill. This area also has caves.

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