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Report # 71728  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, October 16, 2021.
Cabin owner up from Maryland describes sightings of two bigfoots at property in Harrison Valley
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YEAR: 2021


MONTH: October

DATE: 11

STATE: Pennsylvania

COUNTY: Potter County

LOCATION DETAILS: Omitted at request of witness.

NEAREST TOWN: Potter County

NEAREST ROAD: Harrison Fox Hill Rd

OBSERVED: I was at my family cabin in Harrison Valley Pennsylvania on the 8th-11th of October 2021. My sightings began on Friday evening on the 8th when me and my girlfriend had arrived to the cabin at 8 PM.

When we were parking we noticed a bunch of deer in the yard and I began to turn the highbeams on the car to look at the deer. We then went inside and I grabbed the spotlight and I was scanning through the yard and saw two sets of bright red eyes walking to the field. I have never seen something like this before. I am an outdoorsman and have hunted and fished first since I was eight years old.

I then began to sit on our balcony and look around more after I had lost visual of the shining eyes. I could hear branches being snapped. I had a very weird feeling that I have never had there before at the cabin that I was being watched and it was very eerie.

On Saturday the 9th of October 2021, I was sitting outside on the porch and heard a pack of coyotes start howling. In the 10 years that we have had the cabin I have never heard that before. Then I began to hear more branches from different angles. And once again I had that feeling that I was being watched and I was not alone.

I had also noticed a long impression behind the house that looks like a footprint up against the cabin by the window but was not good enough to say it was from a bigfoot, but at the same time it was adding up.

Then on 11 October 2021 at around 9:30 AM there seem to have been an abnormal amount of deer in the yard and they were all skittish. I began to look around with my rifle scope and see what was causing them to act like that. I happened to notice something standing at the tree line at the top of the field that was rather tall and I thought at first it was a bear as they are common in the area.

But then I also noticed how was standing straight up and down in the head shape was oval like a human's head. I was amazed and could not believe what I was seeing at first. When I put the scope to it I could see the indentations to the eye socket. The body was very massive. I continue to hold the scope to it and then began to realize it knew I could see it and I knew it could see me. I could see it slowly moving its head from left to right as if it was scanning around the area. I then heard four individual whistles from towards the back of the property. And that’s when I noticed another Sasquatch not far from the first and I could still see the first one.

The second one was staying quiet to try to remain hidden but it was moving through the bushes on the ground. Eventually it stopped moving as if they had sat down. I watched for about 30 min.

The property has a big pond and plenty of cover to hide and plenty of food. Around at that time I had to leave and I left them be.

OTHER WITNESSES: Girlfriend was eating


ENVIRONMENT: Woods and fields a mile of the main road

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Benjamin C.:

I spoke to the witness at length about his encounter. I found him to be genuine and his account to be very credible.

The witness and his girlfriend had gone up to the witness’ family’s cabin in over the weekend of the 8th to the 11th of October 2021 with the intent to do some repairs on the property and to prepare the cabin for winter. The witness stated that he and his family go up to the cabin every year. The witness also intended to assess the deer population of the area in preparation for hunting season and to spotlight for deer at night.

The witness’ cabin is located near Harrison Valley in Potter County, Pennsylvania. The witness owns a two-story cabin on approximately eight acres. For reference, a road runs generally north to south to the east of the cabin, there is a field to the north, a small patch of forest to the immediate north east, a much larger patch of forest to the immediate west, and a large crop field to the north east.

The witness and his girlfriend arrived on the evening of Friday the 8th of October. To the witness’ surprise, there were roughly a dozen deer grazing in the yard of his cabin. This was unusual, as he normally sees maybe three or four at a time, never in this abundance. After occupying the cabin, at approximately 9PM the witness went outside with his hand-held spotlight with the intent to spotlight scan for deer. Scanning the field to the north, he saw two sets of red eyes, one set lower than the other, moving towards him at an estimated distance of approximately 500 to 800 feet away. This distance is an estimation as the witness had no means of determining the exact distance to the pair of red eyes due to the darkness.

The lower set of eyes appeared to be bouncing or moving around below the higher set of eyes, whose movement appeared to be steady. Due to the darkness, the witness could not determine the height of either pair of eyes. The witness inferred that the pair of eyes displaying more movement appeared to be trying to catch up to the steady pair.

As the spotlight hit the area, the bouncing pair of eyes disappeared from sight while the other remained for a moment before disappearing. The witness assumed they took a hard turn left to the east with the idea that they entered into a sunken creek bed in the wood line that parallels the same road as the cabin.

At this point the witness was trying to determine what exactly he had been looking at. The witness then went up to the second story of his cabin onto his balcony to try and regain visual contact with the red eyes, but he did not see anything else that night, although he did hear what he described as branches breaking in the wood line along the road.

The next morning on Saturday the 9th of October, the witness heard a cacophony of coyotes howling in the vicinity of his cabin. He stated that he heard more coyotes that night than he had ever heard in all his years of going to the valley. The witness stated that they were close, no more than 200 yards away from his cabin. He also heard a significant amount of what he described as branches breaking from the wooded areas to the north and northwest of the cabin.

At this time, the witness described a feeling of being watched and a sense of unease to the point that he kept his guns loaded and did not unload his guns as was his custom when they were kept inside the cabin. The witness stated that he had never felt that type of unease in his ten years of visiting his family’s property.

On Sunday the 10th, there was no observed activity as it was raining that day, and the witness and his girlfriend spent the time preparing the cabin for winter.

The next morning, on Monday the 11th the witness saw that there was a herd of between ten and twelve deer in the yard in front of the cabin. The witness observed that the deer were being very skittish, constantly looking towards to the northeast corner of his property, approximately 70 meters/200 feet away, towards a patch of forest.

The witness opened the window and trained his tripod-mounted binoculars down on the patch of forest near the stream and noticed a dark figure partially obscured by underbrush. The witness described it as a “shadowy figure” and did not know what he was looking at. The witness spent approximately thirty minutes switching between his binoculars and his hunting scope to try and determine what this figure was. The entire time, the figure did not move.

The witness stepped away from the window for a moment, and as soon as he did, he heard four loud whistles in succession. When he returned and looked towards the dark figure again, he noticed a smaller dark figure next to the larger one. The witness was adamant that the smaller figure was not there when he left the window.

The witness then left his cabin and moved to his east facing front porch to get a better look. He scanned the patch of forest where the figures were located and looked off to the east across the road and up towards the wood line on a hill on his neighbor’s property that was covered in a soybean field.

With eyes unaided he saw what initially appeared to be a tree stump in the soybean field a few meters out from the wood line. He then raised his binoculars and scanned again at the object. The witness’ first impression was “damn, that’s a big a** bear!” But as he observed the “bear” he immediately noticed that the coloration of the object, a greyish brown, was not a color of a black bear. Also, black bears do not have earless heads or broad shoulders. At this point, the witness realized what he was looking at.

He watched through his scope until his arms shook. He estimated the creature to be seven to eight feet tall with a body type described as “very wide.”

The witness said that the creature had tucked its arms forward and rounded it’s shoulders in, which he inferred was the creature attempting to make it’s profile less noticeable and more like a tree stump. The creature was moving it’s head very slowly, almost imperceptibly, from right to left and then left to right, seemingly scanning the area. The witness was able to tell that it was moving its head because he would see the dark eye sockets appear as one, then two, then one again.

The witness described the creature as having hair that in his best estimation appeared to be about four inches long, and seemed very, very, dense. The eyes as appeared dark and sunken in. The head was round and not pointed or crested.

What the witness took to be the nose appeared “narrow and flat” not sticking out like a human nose. Due to the distance the witness was viewing the creature, details like mouth, ears, or brow ridge could not readily be determined, especially as hair covered the majority of its face. The witness could tell that the hair appeared shorter on face than body. He could see the shoulder muscles of the creature but muscular definition was reduced, he assumes, due to the thick covering of hair.

The feet of the creature were concealed by the soybeans in the field, although two distinct legs were seen. The witness could not determine the sex of the creature. He also noticed a very dark figure approach through the trees to the rear right of the creature.

Due to the trees and bushes in the way, the witness could not get an accurate visual on whether the creature was on two legs and crouching or on all fours. It stopped, at the witness’ estimation, approximately 25 yards behind and offset from the creature in the field, and appeared to either sit down or squat, the witness could not tell.

The witness repeatedly called for his girlfriend to come out to the porch to look at the creature in his sights. However, according to the witness, his girlfriend was inside the cabin in the kitchen eating breakfast at the time, and she would not come out.

Because the witness had to report to work that afternoon and it was a four-hour drive back to his home in Maryland, he reluctantly had to leave.

The witness was adamant that what he saw was not a bear, not a tree stump, nor a human being. The witness, who is twenty five, stated he has been hunting since he was 8 years old, knows exactly what a bear looks like, and that what he saw was not a bear. Until this day, the witness had never seen or heard anything like it before.

The Harrison Valley region is located on the border of the ecoregions of the glaciated low Alleghany plateau and the glaciated high Alleghany plateau. The region itself has significant farmland, generally more focused on livestock production and dairy farming than crops, although hay, corn silage, oats, and soybeans are also represented. The area is sparsely populated, with significant forest cover remaining, particularly to the south of Harrison Valley. Red maple, black cherry, hemlock, and beech are present among others, and the area supports, as observed in the report, a robust deer population, along with coyotes, black bear, and other smaller species of the eastern woodlands.

About BFRO Investigator Benjamin C.:

B. has attended multiple BFRO expeditions: North Georgia 2018 Fall, North Georgia 2019 Spring, Tennessee 2020 Fall, South Carolina 2021 Spring, and Pennsylvania 2021 Fall, Pennsylvania 2022 Fall, New Jersey 2022 Spring and Fall.

He has also conducted private expeditions in New Jersey, Alaska, Arizona, North Carolina, and southern Georgia. His area of responsibility as a BFRO investigator is central Pennsylvania.

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