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Report # 7336  (Class B)
Submitted by witness J.W. on Thursday, November 6, 2003.
Runner Hears Unusual Whistle Near Woodsford
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YEAR: 1983

SEASON: Summer


STATE: California

COUNTY: Alpine County

LOCATION DETAILS: Hwy 88 to Blue Lakes Rd., I think. Its been 17 years since I've been there.



OBSERVED: While walking cross-country, looking for possible home sites from the early 19th and late 18 hundreds, I was walking the base of a small ridge between two lakes Lower Blue and Twin Lake. On the ridge side it was mostly open forest on the Twin Lake side the brush got thicker. As I was walking I heard a loud two tone whistle [low to high pitch] that was not a bird or any animal I know. The sound came from ground level and behind me to my left. The whistle was loud and sounded in my opinion from a mammal. I turned and called out thinking a hunter [in a place he should not have been][no hunting zone] but no one answered, I whistled back but nothing called. Wondering what it was, I investigated the area 'till i could get no farther, the brush was too thick. I was standing within 10 feet from where the whistle came from, nothing in sight not in the trees on the ground not anywhere, no bird's where flying and no animals in sight either. It was a little spooky but at the time i was cross-country running almost 5 miles a day at 8000 feet as well as boxing training and being a good bow hunter nothing scared me at that time. I was 20 with a good outdoor understanding and other people were the only things that scared me. I remember after I got back to the cabin and asked my Dad what animal out there [if he knew] that whistled like us but much louder, he didnít know of any.

I did not think anything about bigfoot even though I was interested in the subject, I thought they were all up north in the Shasta and up area. I did not know that BF made whistling sounds until I went through the BFRO website.

ALSO NOTICED: I used to look across a valley and ridge at Meadow Lake and saw a lush little plateau on the opposing ridge and thought if I was a BF and I was in these parts this would be a good spot to be because of the lush vegetation [looked like a spring close] and the view to see if anyone was coming. I never even thought that there was a chance they would have been in these parts of the sierra. Call it a gut feeling but I get them right quite often, I sat quietly on my side of the ridge once and watched a coyote in the valley below me. He came up the hill to within 3 feet of me and stopped. I stood and went "aaahhh", I've never seen one run so fast lol. [Sorry I know gut feelings don't count, but this spot is so remote I doubt anyone has ever been there.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just me, checking things out.

OTHER STORIES: Just at Lost Lakes, from the BFRO website.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Mid-morning, clear skys

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest, some open, some very thick underbrush.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness on the phone regarding this experience. He states his father was a caretaker of a PG&E campground, and he spent several summers in this area. He had nothing further to report on this incident. But he did also report another long distance runner from Chico that trained in the area that reported some very strange occurrence, but would not speak of it... the runner left the area the next day, never to return... and the witness has since lost touch with this individual.

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