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Report # 7679  (Class A)
Submitted on Wednesday, December 31, 2003.
Two people have encounter at Lake Texoma
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YEAR: 1998

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Grayson County


OBSERVED: We were sitting at a picnic bench when I saw three creatures. They were different sizes. I told my friend to turn around and he saw them also. They were standing in the trees up against the lake. We were at the Hagerman picnic area. In this same area, I heard pigs screaming terribly. Followed by a loud roar.

ALSO NOTICED: Heard a loud roar.



ENVIRONMENT: Hagerman Wildlife Refuge. Wooded picnic area at the lake. There are pig farms in the area.

Follow-up investigation report:

I talked to the witness on 3/31/02. The witness was referred to us by George Clappison of the Ohio Bigfoot Research and Study Group. I asked her to submit a sighting report after we had talked.

This sighting took place in the Hagerman area of Grayson County, TX. in the summer of 1998. The sighting took place in the Hagerman picnic area at dusk. This area is on the edge of Lake Texoma. The area is wooded and there are farms in the area.

The witness was sitting with a friend on a picnic table and saw three creatures walk out of the tree line. They were different sizes. They walked out of the tree line and close to the trees up against the lake. The witness asked the friend if he could see the creatures. He turned around and said yes. They could not believe what they were looking at. They were 40 to 50 feet away from them. The creatures were a brownish color. The witness could not give more details. What they witnessed was most likely a family unit.

A couple of years later, the witness was in the Preston Shores area of Lake Texoma. This is not far from where she had her previous sighting. She was by herself, enjoying the sunset on the lake, when she heard a pig screaming and squealing. There was a pig farm nearby. She said this did not sound like two pigs fighting. Sounded more like a predator had a hold of a pig. During the attack, the witness heard a low throaty roar. She never heard a sound like that before. She left the area immediately.

In the same area, her friend lost a pit bull to something one night. The dog was chained on the porch, when it started barking. Something was bothering it. Then suddenly silence. Her friend went out to check on the dog. The pit bull was gone. It had been torn off of its chain and carried a short ways off. he dog was mutilated. The head and organs were missing. According to the witness there was little to no blood found around the carcass.

The witness's eight year old grandson had told of something with very large with red eyes that was looking in the window of his house one night. The grandson and his family lived in the same area. They do not live there anymore.

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