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Report # 791  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, January 8, 2000.
very loud vocalizationSounds heard by four witnesses near a farmers field used for crops.
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YEAR: 1985/86

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 7/15/85

STATE: South Carolina

COUNTY: Greenville County

LOCATION DETAILS: Hwy 11 onto Old Settlement Rd dont know the address but it is the first house on left off hwy 11.


NEAREST ROAD: Hwy. 11 / Old Settlement Rd

OBSERVED: It happen back in 1985 or 86 im not really sure it happen so long ago. It was on a friday after school i went to my friend's house for the weekend. they move down from ohio.

We were real good friend so on friday night we were watching about bigfoot on t.v you know about the patterson film and other knowen sightings and how he or she screams, i got goose bumbs from watching it so on saturday night about 8:30p.m it was the summer so we had the door's open and we were watching t.v and all of a sudden we heard this high pitch scream so we listen again because we thought we were hearing things and there it goes again so we walk outside and sat at the picnic table and we heard it again, so we just sat there.

Just could'nt believe it all of us had goose bumbs so his dad went in the house and grab a flashlight and his gun .22 rifle to be on the safe side he came out and all three of us started walking down the road into the field (about 300 yards from the house). At the same time we kept hereing this thing screaming one minute high and the next minute low.

I think we were all scared so we walk near the river and his dad shine the flashlight into the brush and there staring at us were these (red eyes). We heard trees limbs breaking so we took off running back to the house (because we were'nt standing around to see what it really was) so we got back at the house and his mom asked what did we see and we told her we saw these (red eyes) staring at us. We all had goose bumbs talking about it i just could'nt believe it so we heard the screaming for about 3 or 4 hours after we saw the (red eyes).
The next morning we were still talking about it so around 12:00 noon we walk back over to see if any tracks was around. We saw this grape vine i would say it was about 5 or 7 inches around was just snapped in two like it was nothing and they were bark tornen off the tree at least 8 to 9 feet tall and the ground was torning up as will and we could make out a foot print just the back of it heal about 9 or 10 inches wide and about two inches deep.

We just could not believe it and we talk about all that day and still to this day i still get goose bumbs and the hair raises up on my arms. I do believe bigfoot is around some where.we have not seen it or heard it again.

ALSO NOTICED: a very strong odor like a goat or something

OTHER WITNESSES: there were 4 of us we were watching t.v.

ENVIRONMENT: its in a field that farmers use for there crops wooded area with thick brush with a near by river.

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