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Report # 7957  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, February 10, 2004.
Two hunters hear repeated loud screams.
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YEAR: 2003


MONTH: November

DATE: 9th

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Columbia County

LOCATION DETAILS: Vernonia Rd. to Clear Crk. Rd. to Columbia River Mainline. North to Rocky Pt. Rd. and West approx. 3/4 mile.
R5W- T4N
This is approx 3.5 miles north of Four Corners on Hwy 26.

NEAREST TOWN: Four Corners/ Hwy 26

NEAREST ROAD: Clear Crk. Rd.

OBSERVED: My partner and myself were elk hunting in the "Saddle Mountain Unit." It was approximately one hour after daylight. We were standing near our vehicle on a pullout off an old logging road trying to spot elk. I then heard a loud wailing scream tapering off into an agonizing moan. My partner just stood there looking into the canyon.I didn't speak to him. After another couple minutes passed, the scream occured again. I knew that he had heard it both times. I asked him what he thought it was. He asked what I thought it was. I told him that we both know it's a sasquatch. The sound was very loud. If I were to guess it was 250-300 yards away. Over the next ten minutes, the scream occured 2-3 more times. It seemed that the sound was directed to different directions the last couple screams. My hair was sticking up and it quite literally scared the hell out of me. No more screams were heard.(more to story)

ALSO NOTICED: About 10 minutes after the incident, me and my buddy (as well as the 3 other hunters) saw elk running about 1/4 mile from the screaming location. We all commented about how "spooked and confused" they appeared.

OTHER WITNESSES: Two, although other hunters we had talked to heard the screams while they were travelling in their pickup with the radio on!

OTHER STORIES: To the south of here, my ex father - in - law claims to have seen one in hunting season quite a few years back. He told me the story 20 years ago and still has a very vivid account of the sighting as it lasted quite a few minutes.
(please note that I am not sure of the exact location of his sighting but could be 15 miles from the screams I encountered).

TIME AND CONDITIONS: About an hour after daylight
Clear, calm , no wind

ENVIRONMENT: Clearcut bordered by a patch of timber and heavy jackfirs.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Dr. Wolf H. Fahrenbach:

The witness provided me with a most impressive imitation of the long, drawn-out vocalization, as it started in a low register and then rose to a scream and a peculiar wailing and moaning call. Despite the distance, he and his companion were impressed by the power and duration of the calls.

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