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Report # 827  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, November 29, 2000.
Road-crossing sighting by motorists on Hwy 101 while passing lagoon near Trinidad
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YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 13

STATE: California

COUNTY: Humboldt County

LOCATION DETAILS: There are a couple of lagoons a little after Trinidad when heading north.Right before getting to those there is a road on the left and the spot was about 1/4 mile after that road where the flat spot is on both sides of the road.


NEAREST ROAD: On Hwy 101 North

OBSERVED: On July 13 or August 17 of 2000 about 7:15 p.m. my boyfriend, my 2 moth old baby, and I were headed back from Eureka, CA to Crescent City, CA. Somewhere past Trinidad and right before the lagoon we came around the corner on a four lane highway. Up ahead around 50 yards away a tall dark brown almost black "man" with long hair all over ran full stride across the highway. His arms hung long and the top of his neck seemed somewhat hunched over. The first thing that ran through my mind was "What's a man doing running across the road right here?" I thought this because we were completely out in the middle of no where. Then I yelled, "That was bigfoot!" My boyfriend turned to me and said, "shut up. You're playing with me." I told him that he saw it with his own eyes. By this time we had passed the point where he ran across the road into the forest, so we stopped and turned around. We drove back to the point where he had re-entered the forest and stopped. Peering into the thick forest it became too spooky for me and I drove off. I noticed where and when he chose to cross the road was very unique. He waited until there were no cars except for ours which caught him off gaurd just comimg around the corner. And where he crossed was flat. It was the only place throughout the woods that didn't have a little hill on either side of the highway. Some of the people I have told of this ask if it was a bear, but there is no way it could have been at the speed he ran.

OTHER WITNESSES: My boyfriend and I. We were just talking about nothing on our way back home.

OTHER STORIES: About one week prior to our sighting, he was sighted around Cave Junction, OR by a family on a hike. I guess the dad went off the trail momentarily to relieve himself when he saw bigfoot. I think there was also a really strong odor that the whole family smelt. There is an article in the Crescent City Triplicate newspaper. It may be on record.
About a week after our sighting I heard he was spotted down by Sacramento.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: The sun was just about to go down. It was a clear day and a little dimmer than normal due to being in the forest.

ENVIRONMENT: Almost in the redwood forest. Heavy pine forest and really thick. Like I said before there was a fresh water lagoon near by adn the ocean pretty close also.

Follow-up investigation report:

I have personally spoken to this witness and know this area where this sighting occurred. The witness was sincere and articulate regarding this sighting. Prior to this report several people telling me about this sighting approached me, but I was unable to connect with this witness until she submitted it with her number. This area has a long history of Bigfoot sightings and is inside a national park area.

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