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Report # 8375  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, March 25, 2004.
While constructing "fort," young teenager has afternoon sighting in Amboy off Rotschy Road
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YEAR: 1993

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Clark County

LOCATION DETAILS: It's the first drive way on the right on Rotschy road; it's a long drive way, you can park at the gate and walk NW about 1/2 mile.


NEAREST ROAD: Rotschy road

OBSERVED: I was about 13 and lived in Southern Washington in a small town called Amboy. I lived with my mother stepfather and stepbrother in a small house on about 5 acres pretty far from anyone, on Rotschy Hill.
One day my brother and I were building a fort in the woods on the base of an small hill just on the outside of our property. On top of the hill there was a house that you couldn't see from where we were.
So we were working on our fort when we heard a lot of noise on the side of the hill branches breaking, dogs barking - it was very loud and I looked over approx. 250-300 yrds from where we were.
I actually first saw the dogs and noticed what they were running after what seemed to be like a gorilla. I say that because of the arms. It was running on the side of the hill, taking large steps, kind of striding on two legs. It seemed to be scared of the dogs. There were 3 dogs running down the hillside about 50 yrds behind it at first. At that point I was sort of in shock and trying to get my brother to see it, too, but from where he was he couldn't see it.
From that point on I got really excited to tell my mom and my uncle who also claims to have seen it around Mt. St. Helens awhile back. Of course, nobody really believes me except my brother, so I don't really tell the story now that im 23 and I understand the skepticism that surrounds this subject. This happened about 10 yrs ago so im not sure how usefull I've been in telling this story.

ALSO NOTICED: I remember other people around that area talking about seeing what I described growing up there. It wasn't strange to hear somone talking about bigfoot, especially loggers. It seems like everyone there has a story or knows someone that does. Of course, I was young and my story was blamed on a child's overactive imagination.

OTHER WITNESSES: My little brother thought he never actually saw it. He heard the commotion and knew something was going on.

OTHER STORIES: Near there my uncle was hunting with a friend and they where on the edge of a bluff and they both saw what appeared to be the same creature that I described walking through a clear cut on the side of a hill and they watched it for about 15-20 minutes and were never seen by the creature. Unfortunately, their pictures didn't reveal anything. There are many stories like this in that area as im sure you know.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was probably around 12:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m., overcast light rain or it had been raining.

ENVIRONMENT: The environment consisted of evergreen trees, a lot of ferns, a wide winding creek; to the south was a clear cut, further north about 2 miles up the road are large hills, many large ponds and swamps, creeks , trails, cliffs,many wild animals (cougar, deer, elk etc.). Many large trees, small trees and other vegetation. It would be very easy for someone to get lost,or hide out and never be seen. That's why most of those people live out there.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Dr. Wolf H. Fahrenbach:

The sasquatch did not run, but had simply an accelerated walking pace. The dogs seemed to hang back at a distance despite their being in a chase mode; they gave the impression of being afraid. A daytime family encounter (Report #933) occurred less than two miles to the south, four years earlier.

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