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Report # 8543  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, April 27, 2004.
Turkey hunter has close encounter with bigfoot in Kiamichi Mountains
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YEAR: 2004

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 04/17/2004

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Le Flore County


OBSERVED: On April the 17th 2004 I was Turkey hunting in the Ouachita National Forest with my girl friend and my brother. I had crossed the creek that ran along side an old log road that headed up the mountain to the west, when I decided to hunt the creek bottom that afternoon. As I set up my Turkey blind and got settled in to do some hunting I blew one of my locater calls it was a screaming hawk. After sitting there for about 15 minutes I turned my head and noticed a burnt looking tree about 50 yards to my left. I raised my shotgun and looked at it with my scope when I realized what I was seeing was not a tree but a large creature like I have never seen before, it stood about eight feet tall, had charcoal dark color hair covering its entire body. [The hair] was about three inches long and coarse in appearance. It was watching me as well as I was watching it. Its eyes were reddish-brown in color, it had long arms and walked up right never taking its eyes off me, and I never took my eyes off of it. This thing was just looking at me as if it had been watching me for some time. This thing scared me pretty bad if you can give me a call I will give you more details. This thing is out there this is not a joke what I saw was Real! I have never been scared of anything in the woods but this thing was massive in size and I can say this thing scared me, and I have not been back in the woods before daylight since.


OTHER WITNESSES: Turkey hunting with girlfriend and brother.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, one week later my nephew and I heard scream of some kind of animal a very Big Animal!

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 5:15pm still good light weather was fair but front was on the way.

ENVIRONMENT: Rocky mountains. [Swampy very thick vegetation in creek bottom. Mountain to the east that creature may use for shelter or a travel path to the river].

Follow-up investigation report:

This report was originally submitted to the Texas Bigfoot Research Center.

This is another witness that felt like they had to get the story off of their chest and just wanted to tell somebody about what happened to them. The witness has been all over and hunted this area of the Kiamichi Mountains. He mentioned that before this encounter happened he had met a logger who, while clear cutting an area south of his sighting had seen a Bigfoot.

The witness was hunting turkey from a blind about fifteen feet above a creek bottom. He used a screaming hawk call, and he believed this creature approached looking for what made the call. The witness saw a charcoal, grayish-black creature approximately fifty yards away. The creature saw the hunter and knew it was being watched. The witness knew right away the creature was real because the it locked its red eyes on him. The witness said he knew he wasn't supposed to be in this animal's territory; this was the feeling he got from the creature's stare. The two watched each other, which seemed like an eternity, then it turned and walked away, very much like the creature in the famous Patterson film. The witness thought the animal might have been trying to get downwind from him, since the wind was to the southwest. The witness felt the creature approached from the south of the creek, and left the same way. The witness was to the north of creek. The hunter felt the animal might have been in a sheltered area of thick underbrush.

Also, the witness feels that the creature went toward a mountainous area and followed part of a river. He also feels he may be able to lead a team of our members near this area.

DESCRIPTION: Looked very much like Patterson film creature. The eyes were red, not much white to them. The head was pointed/dome shaped. It appeared to be a very powerful, huge animal, perhaps over eight feet tall and 450 - 600 pounds. The bicep was long and the arm was long, to mid-thigh. It also had coarse hair like buffalo hide; the hair looked a little more red as it moved into the light. The face may have been a little lighter, but it may have been the smooth skin reflecting from the sun.

The witness smelled a musky smell, much like a fox den. The witness did not smell anything until the wind changed direction, but it was not an overpowering smell, but still strong.

On another occasion the witness heard a low growl that built to a high pitched scream that lasted for a minute to a minute and a half.

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