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Report # 861  (Class A)
Submitted by witness T.L. on Tuesday, December 5, 2000.
Cub Scouts see two different colored creatures
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YEAR: 1974


MONTH: November

DATE: "early November"

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Isabella County

LOCATION DETAILS: 12 miles west of Mt. Pleasant, north on Rolland Road.


NEAREST ROAD: North of M20 on Rolland Road

OBSERVED: Two creatures. . .walked upright. Hairy from head to toe. One on the east side of the road in the woods, the other in the field on the west side of the road. I was eight years old and in Cub Scouts. Five other boys and I were fishing near a house on Rolland Road, 12 miles west of Mt. Pleasant. A crash of a broken log alerted us to the one in the east. It was a largre dark figure, crouching in the woods. We ran like h*ll to the house and when we came out an hour later is when we saw the other in the field. We knew it was another one because it was lighter in color and you could still hear crashing in the woods. It walked strange, with the momentum of it's whole body. It was a long time before I'd go back down that road. Not until I was sixteen would I ride my bike along there.

ALSO NOTICED: Too scared to care!

OTHER WITNESSES: six--we were all fishing with our backs to the woods. I have names of all but one person. The sixth was a brother to one of the others.

OTHER STORIES: Same year, 10 miles southwest, grapevines trampled at a school friend's farm. Stories in the Mt. Pleasant paper were written about these things.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Mid-afternoon until the sun went behind the trees.

ENVIRONMENT: Hilly farmland with low wet forests. Lots of corn and hay.

Follow-up investigation report:

This is the home area of this investigator, and the rash of reports that were occurring at the time are what originally sparked my curiosity about the subject matter. The witness lives in Detroit now, just happened upon the BFRO web site, and decided to post the report. In speaking with the witness, we have several mutual acquaintances, including some of the family that lives on the farm he referred to in "Other Stories" (Although at the time of the incidents I did not know them). Additional follow-up will be done with updates posted if appropriate.

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