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Report # 874  (Class B)
Submitted by witness S. T. on Wednesday, December 6, 2000.
Hunters hear night scream near South Boston
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YEAR: 1981

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

STATE: Indiana

COUNTY: Washington County

LOCATION DETAILS: around 1.5 miles south of South Boston or S. Rd. 160. From Mulls store go up the big hill, turn left at the first turn. About 1 mile turn left again and park at the bottom of the hill near the creak before the turn. facing north the sound came from a briary grown up area that has since been buldozered out.

NEAREST TOWN: South Boston (Salem area)

NEAREST ROAD: Olive Branch Rd.

OBSERVED: In 1981 my brother-in-law and I were racoon hunting with three good dogs in the South Boston, Indiana 47167 area. We were avid coon hunters at the time because I was laid off from my job. Well one night during hunting season we let the dogs out at one of our favorite spots and very soon the dogs hit trail. They ran across the road the wrong direction to what I wanted and they ran for about a minute. Then we heard the loudest most horrible scream I've ever heard. It lasted maybe fifteen seconds. The volume was greater then any human or any bobcat, bear, coyote, fox or anything that lives in my area. My three good dogs went silent and came running back and my best dog stood between my legs looking in the direction of the noise. I said "Roger, what the heck was that?" Roger said he had no idea. I told him to load the gun, which we never carried loaded because of fear of an accident, and he fiddled around until I took it and loaded it myself. Meanwhile my dogs were bumping into my legs and still looking into the woods. Well we slowly walked backwards to the car and instead of loading the dogs into the trunk they jumped into the back seat before I could stop them weather I wanted to or not. That ended my coon hunting for the night. Now the howl you have on this site named publicklam.wav might sound like a baby one compared to what I heard. The sound I heard had much volume and much force.

ALSO NOTICED: 1986 - I heard it again while sitting at home reading. Around midnight, I heard the dogs on the porch. They were trying to get in the door. I opened the door to see what was going on and the same noise was across the highway. Dogs were trying to get in the house.

OTHER WITNESSES: Only my Brother-in-law

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was around 9:00 PM and was cool maybe cold.

ENVIRONMENT: Many acres of woods and pine.

Follow-up investigation report:

I talked with the witness. His primary amazement stems from the sheer volume he heard. No further details could be added to the report.

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