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Report # 8748  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, May 27, 2004.
Homeowner sees huge animal on Bainbridge Island
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YEAR: 2003, 2004

SEASON: Spring


DATE: mid-May

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Kitsap County

LOCATION DETAILS: Information edited.
The place where the animal was spotted is about 50 yards west of the old watershed at the edge of the hillslope, and about 25 feet in from the trail at that point.

NEAREST TOWN: Bainbridge Island


OBSERVED: I was walking home with my baby in my front pack and my dog through (edited) on Bainbridge Island around 6 PM last mid-May. The evening weather was warm. About 50 yards in front of me in the woods, I heard branches breaking and much noise, as if two peple were fighting in the woods. The noise stopped and I saw a brown furry tall figure, about 11 feet tall, standing behind a tree with its left side exposed. Even my dog stopped and stared. If it had been a deer or raccoon, my dog would have taken off in chase. We stood there watching for about 2 minutes. Then the figure vanished. We continued on the path to the point where we saw the figure, about 25 feet off the path in the trees, to realize that where the figure stood, there is a dropoff with a steep slope. We heard nor saw anything more. We were dumbfounded as to what it was.

Almost exactly one year later, just two nights ago, there was an owl screeching at 4 AM in the same vicinity as the first sighting last year, then, a tremendously loud series of ape-like sounds.

ALSO NOTICED: Very noisy, like branches breaking and forest debris being crunched

OTHER WITNESSES: myself and my dog, walking on the trail in the woods


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 6 PM, warm clear evening

ENVIRONMENT: A woody area at edge of hillside (edited).

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the couple and they were very concerned about the location of this sighting becoming public.

The woman who had the sighting takes regular walks through woods near the five acres that she owns. Her walks are usually quiet. After the noise of breaking branches drew her attention, she noticed a large animal standing behind a tree (at this point, she is unsure of the exact height, but stated it was big). It was so big that she could still see the neck, shoulder, arm and leg from one side of the tree. The witness described the hair on the animal as dark brown, long and wavy, like that of an afghan dog. The witness's dog is a chocolate lab that normally chases other animals, but did not chase this animal. Her dog was alert, head cocked & it's ears were perked up. As the woman looked down and was watching her dog's reaction, the creature silently disappeared down a ravine that leads to the water.

One year later, the husband was sleeping with a window open in his room and heard an owl screeching outside. This is not an unusual occurrence. Then, right after the owl call, there came ape-like whooping noises that were many times louder than the owl. The ape-like noises were so loud they woke the couple's toddler in another room.

Bainbridge Island is somewhat of a bedroom community to the city of Seattle and is located due west of the city across Elliott Bay. The island has a population of 21,000 and is 4 miles wide by 11 miles long.

It has been suggested that Bainbridge Island is too populated to hide a visiting Sasquatch. There are still undeveloped tracts of land on the island as well as large parks. This investigator lives on a five acre piece of property and I am surrounded by five acre pieces all around me. I am fifteen miles from downtown Seattle. From our property, we have seen deer in the last 6 months, and we regularly see or hear coyotes, rabbits, owls, bats, etc.

Bainbridge Island is also host to a huge deer population which could be a possible food source for a sasquatch.

Farther to the north in British Columbia, sasquatches have been witnessed swimming strongly between islands.

It would be between a 1/2 mile to 2 mile swim for a sasquatch to swim between Bainbridge and the Kitsap Peninsula.

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