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Report # 8836  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, June 12, 2004.
Brothers have sighting in their backyard during the "Blizzard of 1978."
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YEAR: 1978

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February


COUNTY: Geauga County

LOCATION DETAILS: Aproximately 1/4 mile up Pond Road just off of State Route 44 in Newbury, Ohio. We spotted him in our backyard at that time. We no longer live at that place now.


NEAREST ROAD: Pond Road off of State Route 44

OBSERVED: It was in 1978 or around then that my brother and I saw Bigfoot. It was the year we got hit with so much snow that year. We were coming back from our friends house as young boys (10 and 8 years old). The snow was very deep as we had to lift up our legs very high to get through the snow. As we were finally getting through the thick woods behind our house and walking into our property, there stood a Bigfoot staring the other way. My brother and I were shocked to see him, just standing out in the middle of our yard looking the other way. We heard about it before and our very first thought was that he might attack us. I told my brother to start reaching for a stick under the deep snow so we can defend ourselves. The Bigfoot was probably about 30 feet away from us. It stood nearly straight up, but with a little hunch. Its height was around 6 1/2 feet tall with a build similar to a human frame. The Bigfoot long brown hair on him, but not too thick as it was possible to see some skin under his fur. As were trying to pull out the stick from the snow, the Bigfoot heard the noise and quickly turned around and looked at us in the eyes. At that time, I was very scared. Our hearts were racing and we were shaking. For about five seconds or so he stared at us and we at him. His facial feature looked like a mix between a human and an ape. He didn't have more of a flatter face but slightly darker colored and thick skinned like an ape. After the stare down, it suddenly turned around and with super human abilities ran around the house in a just a few seconds at the most. The snow was deep, but it ran down our property and took a left turn around the house. It was like the snow never existed as he moved so quickly. I was totally amazed how lighting quick he was. It took huge long steps....that convinced us we saw a Bigfoot. Even if someone was playing a trick on us, there is no one in this world that can run through deep snow in a matter of seconds. This was the convincing point for us. But it's not over. After my brother and I made it back to the house, we yelled for our parents, but of course they didn't believe us at all. Two boys watching monster movies, yeah right... who would believe us! But later that night we heard him again. But this time he was walking on the porch around our house. I heard the snow smashing down as it walked on our porch....crunch, crunch, crunch.. and so on until it stopped right behind my window. We had bunk beds and I was on the top and my brother on the bottom. There was a small push window immediately behind my head, I could feel its presence behind me. I think (but are not sure), it was looking in the window at me. I had sooo many goose bumps on my body, I just jumped out of my bed as quickly as possible thinking he was going to ram his hand through the window to drag me out. As I ran out my brother also followed me and we raced into the living room where our dad always falls a sleep at night on the couch. We yelled that Bigfoot was out there again and of course Dad told us to go back to bed and quit fooling around, it was past our bed time. We kept yelling to him that we were serious, so he got up and looked out the sliding doors. He couldn't see anything outside and told us to go back to bed. We were too scared so we sleep in the living room on the floor.

My brother and I never thought about going back outside that same day we saw Bigfoot and look for footprints. Everybody asks us that, but it just never dawned on us to do that. As the years roll by the images and details get more sketchier in my mind. But I am 100% convinced we saw him that day. The solid evidence for me is that he ran through that deep snow in just a few seconds. I'm a fairly serious runner and I know for a fact, that is totally impossible to run through the snow that quick. Bigfoot reminds me of a Heron Bird, you can never get too close to it and it quickly takes off to hide. With the woods and parks by the house and Nelson ledges somewhat close by, I think he maybe hiding in at Nelson Ledges in the caves in the ground. But that's just a hunch. Personally, I have a hard time believing myself at times, because I do not believe in evolution, but at the same time I am absolutely positive I saw him. I don't think we are going to ever find him unless we directly go out looking for him. So many people tell me they don't believe in it because no one has ever found a dead Bigfoot in the forest. But I say that it's just like the many animals in the world, we don't see them laying all around the yard either. If we found Bigfoot though, it sure would be the catch of the century! The world would change dramatically if we were able to study them closely. Good Luck, I think your website will help pinpoint there locations.

ALSO NOTICED: Then, at maybe 3 AM or so, our two beagle dogs started barking and barking downstairs. Our dad woke up and went downstairs to tell them to shut up. When my brother and I followed our dad we saw mud prints on the top of the sliding glass window, as if Bigfoot was holding his hands on the window looking at the dogs.

OTHER WITNESSES: Two, my brother and I.

OTHER STORIES: It has been over 20 years since we saw Bigfoot, but I thought I remembered about some other kids seeing Bigfoot in a Cemetary across the road from Pond Road right after we saw him.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: In the early afternoon, lighting was still very visiable. We could clearly see it with no problems at all.

ENVIRONMENT: Across the road is very thick wooded area near Little Punderson Lake and Punderson State Park.

Sighting location at the corner of State Route 44 and Pond Road.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness added:
- Heard about a recent sighting in Alaska on the news so he went to Internet and came to BFRO website.
- The creature was brown in color
- Had a basketball player build
- Kind of tall and lanky
- Possibly 300 pounds.
- When they came upon it, it was looking towards their property. Not sure why.
- It ran off through yard effortlessly on two legs through deep snow. It was amazing the way it lifted its legs real high, plus the huge stride.
- The face was a mixture of a human and a monkey. Hair was visible on the face, and its eyes were dark looking.
- One thing that stood out was that it didn't seem well nourished. The hair was thin in different spots with dark brown skin color.
- It was 50 feet from the back of the house. The mother was inside. She never saw anything. The father was at work.
- Parents didn't believe them. Today they talk about it and somewhat believe them.

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