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Report # 8978  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, July 12, 2004.
Boys are chased on way home from bow hunting
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YEAR: 2001


MONTH: September

DATE: not known

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Jefferson County

LOCATION DETAILS: I'm 17, my family has had some bad experiences with people over the internet, i have to respect there rules, and i cant give the exact location. but my sighting was near tarboo lake, a lake that isnt well known, but it does have alot of activity.

NEAREST TOWN: quilcene

NEAREST ROAD: highway 101

OBSERVED: My nephew and I were out bowhunting for deer in the early season. The area I hunt in is 2 or mile hike from behind our ranch. We went out late in the day to catch the deer bedding down. we set up in front of a well used deer trail. W waited for some deer to come nto our shooting lane for around 2 hours, but nothing happened. After 3 hours it was getting dark, but i was very determined that day. i happened to glance up on the hill above me, which is 500 yards to the top, and i saw a tall black somthing walking around, but i didnt pay any attention to it, i figured it was my eyes playing tricks on me. Soon after that somthing didnt seem right about the where i was at, i felt like i was being watched, my nephew told me he did to, so we headed home, which was a 2 or 3 mile hike downhill. We were probably only 3/4 of a mile away form home when we heard a big crash in the brush behind us, i never run from anything, but i ran from that crash, whatever it was. and as we ran, we could here somthing running behind us, i didnt look back, i just ran faster. this thing chased us for at least 1/2 a mile. when we saw the gate to the pasture, we jumped it,cleared it. we ran a little further and than stopped and turned around. what i saw still gives me goosebumps. standing behind he gate was a massive creature, 6 1/2 to 7 feet tall. icould see it was hairy form the backround of the sky, but it was too dark to see any facial details. When i saw it, my shoulder blades and spine tingled, this tngle went al the way down to my feet, and i could not move a muscle. The creature and i studied each toher for at least 30 seconds, maybe shorter,maybe longer. it did look massive and broad,but it still was to dark to make out a lot of detail. After 30 seconds, it just tunred around and walked off on to legs. the shoulders were indeed broad, i could make that out when it walked out from under the tree it was under . it walked like a human,not a bent walk. about that time i came to my senses,my nephew came to his, and we ran all the way back to the house.

Before this sighting happened, i always believed there were bigfoot up in the woods behind our ranch. every summer i would hear them scream and moan at least twice a month, i also heard sounds that sounded like the recording Del Norte recording. I've also heard them since. the last experience i have had at night was a few nights ago, putting up the dogs, and i heard wood knocking, but only from one loaction, there were also twigs snapping up in the woods, not 40 yards from the dog house. i've also heard strange laughing sound, chukling would be a better word, like a human laughing, but much much deeper, and very loud. i have also found some footprints, but never got around to taking pictures of them, except for one that i found after my sighting, and it might not be one it just had the general shape. i have had one rock chucked atme.

ALSO NOTICED: see my report above.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2, my nephew and i, bowhunting.

OTHER STORIES: there are 3 other reports in jefforson county on you're website. my borther has alose seen 2 bigfoot, also near tarboo lake, and another time on Mt Zion, but he said it pissed n his campfire, so he must have been really drunk, and could have been haluucinating, probably was, but i know he really did see them 2 times before.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was twilight when i had my sigthing, but it was a clear sky.

ENVIRONMENT: my sigthing was in forest. but where i hunt it is clear cut.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kristine W.:

After speaking with the witness, the following details can be added to this report:

- When the witness first saw the animal on the hill above him, it was several hundred yards away, and because of the coloring, the thought of bigfoot did go through his mind.

- The initial big crash that the boys heard was that of brush snapping.

- The witness was able to determine the height range because the creature was standing next to fence posts that are 6 feet tall.

- Once beyond the fence, the boys turned to see what was chasing them. What they saw was black in color with a body that was bulky and broad, giving the impression of a mature male. The creature had a neck.

- The witness feels that being chased was part of a territorial display by the creature.

Other stories:

- In late evening, in 2001, the witness was out taking care of his dog in their kennel, when he heard what sounded like a low pitched woman's voice. The voice was making mumbling noises that sounded like syllables being strung together. The voice was emanating from a forested area about 150 feet away.

- When the witness was 7 or 8 years old, he heard what sounded like very loud laughing combined with the bleating of a goat. A very strange sound.

About BFRO Investigator Kristine W.:

  • Bachelors of Science Degree in Botany -- University of Washington.
  • BFRO Curator of Report Information for Washington State
  • Attended all of the public BFRO Expeditions in the American Pacific Northwest
  • Organized numerous smaller non-public expeditions in Washington State

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