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Report # 9175  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, August 18, 2004.
Just before daybreak, camper hears loud vocalization near Lost Lake
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YEAR: 1991

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 13

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Kittitas County



OBSERVED: Me my wife and my friend and his wife and two children were camping at lost lake. Lost lake is in Kittitas county in washington state, near snoqualmie pass. Lost lake is about 15 miles from I-90, up an old logging road. We were the only people camping there at the time. It was the year 1991, when this happened. We had all went to sleep, M. and R. and his children (my friends) were sleeping in a tent, located about 30 feet away from our vehicles. My wife and I were sleeping under a tarp that we had hung from a couple trees, located next to the vehicles. At about 5:00 am in the morning something awoke me. Even the crickets had stopped chirping and it was dead silent. I dont sleep very sound the first night i am out in the woods and we all had firearms with us. I had my 45 auto under my pillow. Well anyway, I woke up and set up on my elbows to see if i could see what had woke me up. However, M's Chevy Blazer was parked right next to us so I couldnt see what was behind it. Then this animal screamed at me from the other side of the Blazer. The sound is hard to discribe but what ever it was grunted twice and then let loose with a low blood curdling scream and then beat on its chest about six times, and then it was totally quiet. I didnt here it walk off, and believe me i was listening as good as I could. I guess I could have stood up and looked on the other side of the Blazer and saw what it was, but I really didnt what to know. Even with my gun I didnt feel safe, and it sounded big. I am a hunter and have been out in the woods several times and I have never heard anything like that before or since. No animal that I know makes a sound like that and it wasnt human.

ALSO NOTICED: I looked for tracks in the morning, but the ground was gravel and hard packed so nothing would have left tracks unless it was running and this thing didnt run away, I would have heard it.



TIME AND CONDITIONS: 5:00 to 6:00 am, right before daybreak. Clear night, no clouds or rain.

ENVIRONMENT: A lake, surrounded by woods with a logging road next to it.

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