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Report # 9295  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, September 9, 2004.
Possible sighting by child, and other incidents near Menomonee Falls
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YEAR: 1996-1997

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Waukesha County

LOCATION DETAILS: My Grandmother does not own the house anymore. Don't want to cause a disturbance with the guy who purchased house.

NEAREST TOWN: Menomonee Falls, practically in town

I am reluctant to place this report; for two reasons, one the siting was from my son when he was about six or seven, and it happened in a populated area. At the time I lived with my grandmother in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin, I had lived here also throughout my life, this is a suburb of Milwaukee. The thing is, behind us was a swamp and around us it was pretty wooded. Through my life strange things would happen by our house; strange bangings on the side of our house, really bad stench (always dismissed as skunks), items being eaten in my grandmothers garden, and walnuts being all over the place. These things could have happened with other animals. My neighbor had a stange event once. Anyway, my grandmothers house was a 100 year old farm house. It had a porch and a couple of large windows facing it, in the inside of this part of the house was a little front room with a couch, then the main living room was on the inside of the house next to this room. My son and I had slept on the first floor because it was so hot upstairs, (my grandmother didn't want air), well my son woke me up and said something strange was looking at him, he was really frightned, so he slept next to me on the floor. Well I was on this website and I showed my son one of your pictures, and he said that is what he saw. I am really not sure if he had seen anything or not, my son is very honest. What I am trying to find out mainly is there other reports in this area? It would explain some things, but I don't want to jump to conclusions. I have been trying to find information about Bigfoot in Wisconsin, your site has been helpful; it just seems odd to have a sighting in Menomonee Falls. There is a heavy deer population there and in the surrounding area, it is heavly wooded. I live in Sussex now, and when I first moved here the local paper had an article about how Bigfoot was seen here in the 1950's. I am just trying to find out if there have been reports in this area. Trying to confirm sons story.



OTHER STORIES: Just odd stuff would happen around house. One time when I was younger, my parents and my brother were watching the house and something pounded on the house. The next day bushes were flattened and a dent was against the house. My grandmother during July, August would sometimes complain about a terrible skunk. (We did have them). Our neghbor called our house one time, she was really scared, said something large was looking at her through her back porch sliding doors, and the "person", she said, left a dead racoon on the porch. I remember this being in Fall of the year.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was a hot summer. We had many fruit trees and walnut trees at the time in full blume.

ENVIRONMENT: Behind the house and next to it is a large swamp, like I said before large deer population, heavely wooded for the area, we had apple trees, grapes, pear trees, and for many years my grandparents grew a garden in there back yard. There is a greenhouse large commercial greenhouse behind house. Also in the back yard we had three walnut trees.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator B.G. Martin:

More details extracted from the phone interview:

- His son said the "strange something" had red eyes and was bent over with it's hands on it's knees looking at him.
- The neighbor's dog freaked out moments before the "person" looked through the sliding doors. Then left the dead racoon.
- Bob would have the sensation of being watched during his occasional evening walk, and once ended it early when hearing "grunting" sounds from the woods.
- The grandmother had a large garden, and many fruit and nut trees dating back 30 years. She commented that something ate all the apples on the lower half of the trees on several occassions.
- He once revealed his suspicions of "bigfoot" to his mother, and she said "That would explain a lot of things." but didn't say anything more.
- Although now much more developed, 10, 20, or 30 years ago this area outside of Menomonee Falls wasn't as populated, with plenty of farmland, woods, and swamp areas.

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