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Report # 9436  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, October 3, 2004.
Teenagers have night time sighting on Blackhawk Creek near Whitehouse.
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YEAR: 2001

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Smith County

NEAREST TOWN: Whitehouse


OBSERVED: Okay me and my friends were fishing down at the creek by our house and we were tired and decided to leave. So we all started walking back up the road from the wood area and [our friend] said that he had forgotten the bait. So he ran down to the creek to get the bait then he came running back and screaming and said that he saw a giant white hairy thing picking up leaves and droping them. So we were all freaked out. So like 3 of us went back down there to see what he was talking about and as we were walking along the creek a big hairy white man like thing jumped out from behind a tree in front of us, looked at us then jumped the creek (which is far too wide for the average human to jump) and ran off.

OTHER WITNESSES: Yes there were 3 witnesses.

OTHER STORIES: Yes. Just last weekend some people at school said they were playing paintball in the woods behind there house. They live around the same area as we do and they said they were playing paintball. They saw a huge white thing but it didn't notice them for a second then it saw them. They said it started to chase after them but they ran home really fast and got away. The strange thing is that there was 2 different storys of seeing the same and the storys were told by 2 different groups of people that don't know each other so there has to be something out there cuz they both saw a giant white man like thing.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 8pm it was starting to get dark.

ENVIRONMENT: Piney forest lots of pine trees and creeks.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witnesses saw, in the light provided by a fashlight, an upright animal that they described as about "six feet tall," and "on two feet," at which time they dropped the flashlight and began to flee. As the witnesses were turning to flee, the animal raised its arms and then leapt effortlessly across Blackhawk Creek, which is about five yards or fifteen feet wide, before walking quickly or running out of sight. Although the flashlight had been dropped, the animal could still be seen because of the light shade of its hair and because it was not totally dark; the sun had just set. The witnesses were sure that no human in a costume in near darkness, could have shown the speed and agility necessary to have cleared the creek as demonstrated by this animal. The witnesses described the creature as being light in color, "like white or maybe light gray."

No facial details were remembered, nor did the witnesses recall any eye shine, since the visual encounter lasted no more than a few seconds. The animal had no odor that the witnesses could detect, nor did it make any sounds, although one witness said it could have make a sort of grunting noise when the creature leapt.

One of the the witnesses returned to the spot to look for tracks, but he could find none.

The witnesses were greeted with ridicule when they tried to tell others of what they saw. Until recently, when another group of students told of their own encounter, the witnesses had not told anyone, other than family members. The witnesses had never told the other group of students what they saw, but the description given by the other students was similar.

This sighting took place in the Neches River Basin, an area that has generated other reports.

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