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Report # 9604  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, October 24, 2004.
Campers have several visual encounters
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YEAR: 2004


MONTH: September

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Grant County

LOCATION DETAILS: About 10 air miles N. of Granite, just east of North Trail Creek. The area is also about 4 miles east of the North Fork John Day Wilderness Area.


NEAREST ROAD: Forest Road 51

OBSERVED: Three strange things in three days:

I woke up one morning and went into the trailer to get a cup of coffee and we had two dogs and I let them out and the little dog took off somewhere. I decided to go and look for her. I started walking up the hill right behind the trailer and I got up to a rock face were I could look down on the other side of the hill. I couldn't see anything and I was tired from walking up the hill, so I sat down to have a smoke. I sat there for about five minutes and was looking at the great view. Then I heard the dog bark and I turned my head and looked back and all I saw was a 7-8 foot tall black streak running down the hill. I jumped up and started following it; I couldn't see it but I could here it crashing through the brush. I got down to the bottom of the hill were there was a clearing. When I got down to that clearing, the crashing noise stopped.

Then on the second day, I decided to go for a walk early in the morning. I walked to the top of the hill and walked down going north. When I got to the middle of the hill, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I got goose bumps. I looked behind me and beside me but didn't see anything, so I started walking again. I walked across the top of the hill and then walked through another clearing that would take me back to camp. I walked through the clearing and saw the trailer and my little brother- he was sitting out side - I waved to him and I walked back up over the same hill. I didn't see anything at all but when I got back to camp, my mom, her boyfriend and my little brother said that my little brother saw something orange in color walking on two legs, following me. My mom said she had never seen him that scared before and her boyfriend was out going to the bathroom and when he walked back to camp my little brother saw the top of his head through the trailer window and he had long hair and she said my brother freaked out and said that it was coming to get him.

On the third day, after I knew that something was following me, I walked back up the same hill and when got half way up it, I could hear something. I looked up the hill and there were branches of trees about 2-4 inches thick and about 3-4 feet long being thrown down the hill at me. My mom's boyfriend has heard three very loud screams come out of the canyon only about a 3/4 mile away from the trailer.

OTHER WITNESSES: My mom, my little brother, and my mom's boyfriend.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was early afternoon and it was a bright clear day.

ENVIRONMENT: Thick timber

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Dr. Wolf H. Fahrenbach:

The witness had additional important details to add. In the original, fleeting sighting, a large sasquatch was actually being chased by their dog. The dog returned to camp unharmed, but was lying low for some period thereafter.

During the second event, the witness was being followed unbeknownst to him by a reddish sasquatch (evidently an individual different from that seen the previous day), but it was seen by the little brother as they passed within about 30' of the campsite. The little brother was actually totally terrified to the point of tears of what he had seen.

The third event consisted of ca. 5 branches thrown at the witness in about a 40' to 50' long arc, though he heard nothing else other than some minor growls out of the forest.

Aside from that, he mentioned that he had often heard the sounds of wood being banged together in the forest. His grandmother told him that at one time when she was chopping wood (location unknown, but presumably in this general area), substantial rocks came flying out of the forest and damaged the roof of her house.

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