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Report # 9661  (Class A)
Submitted by D.V. on Sunday, October 31, 2004.
At noon, a young lady on horse back has a face-to-face encounter
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YEAR: 1976


STATE: California

COUNTY: Kern County

LOCATION DETAILS: The Forest of Tehachapi, Ca. I'd have to take you there.


OBSERVED: I was about 14 years old riding a horse on a ranch that my family owned. The ranch location is Tehachapi, California. I was on a trail going towards the edge of the forest, still on our property. When I reached the edge of the forest, there was a dead cow. It had been dead for some time now, because it was mostly just bones.

When I looked a round, still on my horse. That's when I saw Bigfoot. He was really tall, black and so human like. He looked at me, but was not scared. I said to myself that's bigfoot. Bigfoot had one hand and arm leaning against a giant tree, and he looked to be both man and ape. Bigfoot looked right at me, and we both just looked at each other. I was so scared I turned around and went back to the ranch.

I've block this out of my mind for many years, I believe from being scared to death. I spoke to my Dad about the ranch, do we still own 10,000 acres and the ranch. He said no, and is now 90 years old. I asked him did anybody ever say they saw bigfoot. “He said yes.” I could take you to the spot where I saw him, and I'm sure someone who lives in that area, would say they have seen him also, why, because he is there.

He is out there, living. This happened 28 years ago but I remember it very clear now for some reason, and how he looked at me.

ALSO NOTICED: I found a dead cow. He, bigfoot, looked young like he was in his 20's, and his eyes where big, bright, and human looking.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just me. I am willing to take poly if needed.

OTHER STORIES: Not sure but, sure would like to know? Like I mentioned my Dad, said yes. But he is 90 now and say's; Where is the bigfoot family? There has to be a mother and father somewhere? I said if he is still alive or dead he is there, and if dead his bones are there.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was noon, the sun was out, but it was cool.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine Forest, but it was flat land to the edge of the forest.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Richard Hucklebridge:

D.V. called me tonight on the November 30, 2004. We went over her story of a face to face encounter that she had when she was fourteen years old on a ranch located somewhere close to Tehachapi, California. She claimed the animal/human looking creature was just leaning against a large pine tree with one arm extended to the tree, and it was looking down at its foot; which to D.V. seemed to be digging or scratching at the ground.

I asked D.V. some direct questions to try and gain more pertinent information on the creature that she had seen 28 years ago.

Q. Where did this incident occur?
A. “ It was on our ranch somewhere close to Tehachapi Cal.” But, after I talked with the father, L.V., on December 6, 2004, he kind of narrowed it down to a place we call today, The Indian Hill Ranch area.

Q. Could you remember the month, and/or time of the year, and what time of day was it?
A. “I don’t remember the month, but it was cold, probably Christmas vacation, and it was around noon.”

Q. Describe the area in which this took place.
A. “The ranch land was flat with lots of small lakes, and I believe the ranch property ended where the large pine trees began.”

Q. What distance would you estimate you were from this creature when you first saw it, and what was it doing, and what was your reaction?
A. “I was about seven or eight horse lengths from it when I realized it was standing there leaning against a large pine tree, and moving one of its legs as if it was digging something in the ground with its foot. It was looking directly at me, and I then realized that it was a bigfoot. We stared at each other for what I thought was about one minute.”

Q. While you and it were looking at each other, what else did you observe?
A. “ I noticed that what hair it had was black, and I could see what seemed like a lighter colored skin underneath that hair. I could see the chest nipples, and the hair wasn’t as long there as it was on the rest of its body. Also I noticed the eyes, which were big, dark and clear, and they looked like they were human, but compassionate, and I felt that it wasn’t scared of me.”

Q. How tall do you estimate this thing to have been, and how much do you think it weighed?
A. “I think it was around nine feet tall, a lot bigger than the average basketball player. I believe it was three hundred pounds or better, because it looked very strong, and it now reminds me of looking at Shaq.”

Q. Can you describe any more of the facial features it had?
A. “The face had hair, and the eyes looked human, and it had human features and qualities. I was really intrigued with the eyes.”

Q. Could you describe the arms, and was it a male or female?
A. “The hair on its arms was not as long as it was on his body. The hands looked human-like. It seemed to me, to be a male.”

Q. About how long did you see it?
A. “I thought that I was in the area about two or three minutes before we made eye contact, because I was looking at the dead cow. After eye contact, I will estimate about one minute total time.”

Q. Did it ever make any noise, or did you ever smell anything, and did you ever go back to check on footprints?
A. “ No to all three questions, plus I never went back to that part of the ranch again!”

In summary, the witness stated, “My horse had no negative reaction during the encounter, and the reason I fled the area was because of a scared feeling that was coming over me”. She did confide in her father, but he wasn’t all that supportive of the encounter, but he told her about of one of his old ranch hands that had several stories that might have had some significance on that subject. The father stated, “The ranch his daughter had the encounter on was not as large as she stated in the report, and it was sold many years ago.”

D.V. still has very strong feelings about this face-to-face encounter she had 28 years ago, and she had blocked it out of her mind for many years.

After our frank discussion, I believe that D.V. had this face-to-face encounter with a sasquatch 28 years ago, and that was due to her description of this creature, and her verbal demeanor as she made those recollections. One of her thoughts on just what kind of a creature she thought it was during her encounter was that it is half human and half animal.

I asked the father if he had lost any animals due to unknown circumstances on that ranch, and his reply was, “ I never lost any of my cattle to unknown circumstances that I can remember, but I did lose numerous sheep to what I thought were hired hands taking advantage of me.” He went on to say. “We had many deer in that area that would come down to drink form our ponds on the ranch every evening.”

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