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Incidents in Snohomish County, Washington

by Jeffrey Lemley

Despite the urban sprawl of Seattle constantly pushing further out, the hills east of the city of Snohomish are apparently still visited by sasquatches occassionally. In the late 1970's vocalizations were more common in this area. Nowadays an area in the higher elevations seems to be the more active zone.

Seattle area BFRO volunteers Rob Johnson, Philip Bange, Steve Galic, and Chad Cheney have been visiting this location on a weekly basis since the latter part of January. The group has found several sets of possible tracks in the snow, but due to snow melt the tracks were all inconclusive.

The tell-tale trait of the tracks in question, other than their size, is their stride length. They also head up into some very steep and remote terrain.

The group has also reported "whistling" vocalizations at night, and, on one occasion, bipedal-sounding footsteps. Unfortunately, they were unable to see anything, due to the dense brush.

On the two trips with Jeff Lemley, recorded vocalizations were broadcast over Don Anderson's loudspeakers, but there was no response. The only thing heard during the second visit was the call of a spotted owl.


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