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Activity in Pierce County, Washington

Historically, the mountainous areas south of Tacoma, WA, have been havens for alleged sasquatch activity. Recent events show that this may still hold true. As recently as March 12, 2000, BFRO investigators Rob Johnson and Philip Bange reported having had an encounter with something large and bi-pedal that snuck up close to them, then took off running through the brush when they tried to get the spotlight on it.

Other contemporary reports range from Fall, 1999, to clear back into the 1970's. Many have included what appears to be aggressive nature on the part of the sasquatch in the area, including screaming, charging, and other hostile/territorial acts. Incidents have been reported by witnesses ranging from local residents to military personnel and police officers. Some believe that these aggresive acts near populated areas may result from an infringement on territory.

BFRO investigators have placed camera traps in locations that they believe the animals frequent.


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